Surfing Friends Laura Enever

I'd never been on a surf trip before, yet here I was at the airport about to travel to Morocco with three women I'd never met before.

We met on the Surf Senioritas Facebook Group, planned our getaway online and before we knew it were setting off for the African coast.

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I was incredibly apprehensive about spending a week with people I didn't know. But it was thanks to our mutual love of surfing that we met, became friends and had a truly awesome adventure.

Here's why I think surfing is the best way to make friends for life...

sarah lee photo

Everyone knows everyone in surfing. It's a fact.

The great part about this is there's always someone who's got your back.

On our first night, we met two guys from Cornwall who knew the same people we did, and so did the hostel owner.

Having a close community like this makes you feel like you've got friends all over the world.

Surfing Caught Inside P Washaway Beach

Surfers support each other, even when the conditions are challenging.

On our first day, we had tough conditions with really powerful white water and no breaks in between sets.

We’d been trying to paddle out all morning, then one girl caught a great wave and everyone was so stoked to share that experience with her.

That kind of bonding is such a great part of surfing, you wouldn’t get it in anything else.

Surfing Woman João Trindade

‘We’re all equal before a wave,' surfer Laird Hamilton once said. This is one of the reasons I like to make friends surfing.

When you’re in the water, you are stripped of all identity. It doesn’t matter what race or sexuality you are, or what your background is, everyone is equal and there is no judgment.

You could be a high-powered lawyer or a street cleaner, everyone is the same in the water.

Soul and Surf Sally-Anne Argyle

Surfing allows you to bond with people in a way that you wouldn’t usually do.

Riding waves didn’t just allow me to make friends with the girls I went with, since we spent all our time hanging out and surfing with local Moroccan surfers.

It meant that we could get to know their culture and see how they surf and view the world things. Without surfing, this would never have happened.

Roxy Surfing Friends Santa Barbara

Surfers don't just share a love of the waves.

It's no coincidence we all enjoyed chilling to the same tunes in the evening - and there's definitely a shared love for nature.

From music to films to outlooks on life, it's more than just wave riding that bonds us together.

Roxy Surfing Friends Santa Barbara 2

Surfers are often obsessive gear. Whether it's boards, wax or wetsuits, we never tire of talking about our own (and other people's) kit.

Most people would switch off if you started talking about the benefits of a single fin over a tri fin, but not your fellow surfers.

Which is why it's super easy to strike up a conversation with a surfer you've never met.

Burger Food Surfing

After a long day's surfing, you are famished. You could devour a plate of nachos, two burgers and a giant pile of curly fries if it was put in front of you.

Eating and drinking while discussing your last surf session is a great way to end the day.

Sharing endless stories over a pint and working out where to surf tomorrow means awkward silences are a thing of the past.

Steph Gilmore Umbrella Surf

The great thing about surfing is it's a real humbler.

Just because you're super fit or have really strong arms doesn't necessarily mean you will instantly rock at surfing.

Everyone wipeouts - even Kelly Slater. Surfers tend to be more than happy to laugh about their less elegant moments on (and off) the board.

Gwyn Haslock Surfing Land Rover

It's not just twenty year-olds on their Gap Year and super energetic groms that surf.

Surfing has a lengthy history and people of all ages still ride waves on a daily basis. Just check out Gwyn Haslock who is still surfing in her 70s!

It's nice to have the opportunity to make friends outside your own age group - and surfing is one of the best ways to do it.