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Y'all no doubt saw Nyjah Huston's lame ass "Skateboarding is not for girls at all" comments in Thrasher early this week (the same week, surely by mere coincidence, that the boy has a new pair of shoes out…)

While many got understandably riled with responses ranging from the "I had so. much. rage. when I heard about this" and "Nyjah Huston is a dumb ass" to the more measured "at your age you should be learning,not judging" and positively sane "I skate for me and me only". Others called for his nuts on a plate or at the very least for girl skaters to boycott Thrasher.

No doubt to try and save said nuts, Nyjah Huston came out and issued this apology on Tuesday.

9 Reasons why Nyjah Huston was wrong about Girls' Skateboarding

Which is nice and all and would make us think he was sweet, if it wasn't so damn patronising not to mention a little Victorian in outlook (as in "Girls can't be doctors in case they see some gore and their oh so delicate heads drop off in shock. Or they can't be car mechanics 'cos the grease on their hands might affect their ability to craft a perfect souffle that night.") I dunno. We were actually more baffled than pissed off with what he had to say anyway as girls' skateboarding has never been in ruder health. Need reminding?

[part title="Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana"]

We live in the time of Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana and she can do this:

[part title="Elissa Steamer"]

And Elissa Steamer, a true legend, who rocks it like this

[part title="Marisa dal Santo"]

Who could ever tire of watching the mighty Marisa dal Santo skate?

[part title="Leticia Bufoni"]

Or Leticia Bufoni for that matter?

[part title="Evelien Bouilliart"]

And we'll always love our former cover girl Evelien Bouillart

[part title="Lizzi Armanto"]

Just last month a new event, Park, was introduced at the X Games in Barcelona and whoa did Lizzi Armanto boss that...!

Pro Chat: Lizzie Armanto

[part title="Allysha Bergado"]

Plus the talent's getting younger. Like 16 year old Allysha Bergado who did her first X Games at 13

Pro Chat: Allysha Bergado

[part title="Pamela Rosa"]

Or there's 13 year old Pamela Rosa and 12 year old Alana Smith

Hoopla rider Alana Smith rocks 540 McTwist

[part title='Bryce Wettstein']

And this is Bryce Wettstein when she was just 7...

Go skate.