diane ripoll surfing winter beach 2

Surfing in winter is no mean feat. If you've managed to get in the sea when the temperatures have dropped, we want to give you a virtual high-five.

It's so easy to cop out of surfing when your house is toasty warm and the sea is icy cold.

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However, there are brilliant parts about surfing in the winter months. The line-up is nearly empty. The waves are bigger. You've got the place to yourself.

We've got a few tips to make winter surfing a lot more bearable...

Surfing Winter Cold Hood Wetsuit

First things first - you've got to have proper gear if you want to keep surfing into the winter.

When the temperatures are just hovering above freezing, you need to make sure you've got a good 5/4 wetsuit to keep you warm in the icy British waters.

We'd also definitely recommend getting a pair of boots, gloves and a hood to prevent those 'ice cream headaches'.

hot water bottle surfing

Now this is a really simple but good idea. Fill up a hot water bottle before you leave the house and wrap your towel around it.

When you get back to your car, you will have a toasty warm towel to wrap around you. Ideal!

Wetsuit Winter Surfing Booties Tracey Gorge Performance

Car heaters are good for more than just heating you up.

Place your gloves and booties on the dashboard near the heaters before you start driving. By the time you get to the beach, they will be toasty warm.

You've got to be careful you don't singe them, mind!

two yellow cups on a sunny beach

You will be so happy to get out of the sea and find a thermos flask in the car after a chilly surf.

We think hot chocolate is the best post-surf warm up drink, but you could fill it with tea or mulled wine (as long as you're not driving).

Trust us, you'll appreciate your own thoughtfulness afterwards.


You know when you're standing in the car park, trying to tug your wetsuit on.

It's pouring with rain and you just can't get your feet through the bottom of your wetsuit.

Well, here's a handy hack to help. Put plastic bags over your feet before you put your wetsuit on.

They will slide in much easier, saving you sweating in the car park. Just remember to recycle them afterwards!

Sally Fiztgibbons Nova Scotia Red Bull Surfing

There is nothing worse than getting back to your car when you've been freezing your tits off in the sea - only to find your stuff is strewn everywhere.

Get your towel and warm clothes ready in one place for when you get back to the car. It will save you shivering in the car park in your knickers when you just want to get changed as fast as possible.

Diane Ripoll Winter Cold Surfing Gareth Costello

Even better than struggling with your wetsuit in a cold damp car park is getting dressed before you leave the house.

Yes, driving in your wetsuit does feel weird. You'll definitely get some odd stares if you stop to fill up the petrol.

But you can get straight out of the car and into the sea - no faffing.

It's the same when you get back to the car - make sure you've got seat covers on your seats to stop them getting damp - climb in in your wetsuit and drive home.

Vaseline surfing winter

Some people hate the stuff, but I swear by Vaseline.

It's great for protecting your skin from harsh temperatures and biting winds.

Don't just limit to using on your lips - you can slap this stuff on all over your face. Rub it in and off you go.

Drying Wetsuit Mark Leary

There's nothing worse than getting into a cold wet wetsuit in winter.

After you finishing surfing, take your wetsuit inside and hang it up to dry in the warm.

Hopefully, by the next time you surf, it will be mostly dry and won't give you a chill next time you pull it on.