Surf Shack Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the internet's greatest inventions.

You can stay in some of the most beautiful surf spots in the world for next to nothing - thanks to this handy home rental website.

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Book a stay in one of these amazing beachside huts and you can live the dream beach shack lifestyle, at least for a while.

All are located within walking distance of the surf, so you can eat, sleep, surf, repeat to your heart’s content.

Casa Ola Nicaragua Airbnb Surf Shack

Stay here for amazing hammock views and friendly local turtles, monkeys and parrots. There are numerous surf spots nearby (and the closest is right out front).

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Cabina Surf Coco Beach Epic Surf Shack Airbnb Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is a surfer’s dream - warm water, consistent swell, and offshore winds that blow like clockwork every morning.

This palm-fringed cabina is just 150 metres from the waves and even has air conditioning, WiFi and access to a swimming pool. What more could you need?

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Otter Rock Airbnb Surf Shack USA

Although this cabin is a little basic, you’re staying here for access to the surf, rather than a flushing toilet.

The compost toilet can whiff at bit, according to reviewers, but the unobstructed ocean view more than makes up for it.

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Imsouane Surf Shack Airbnb Morocco

This beach hut overlooks Cathedral Point and you can literally check the surf from your bed.

Although the huts are simple, they have everything you need, from kitchen facilities to access to a washing machine.

If the surf isn’t up to much, you can fish for your dinner, or just collect it from the daily market up the road.

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Curly Surf Shack New South Wales Australia Surf Shack Airbnb

Set at the bottom of Mike and Tamsin’s garden, this little shack offers a way to experience Sydney’s Curl Curl beach at a fraction of the price of a hotel.

The shack comes with a bike and of course, being Australia, a barbie. Host Mike will even show you the best spots and rent you his boards.

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Pipeline Surf Shack Hawaii Airbnb

At £265 a night, this beach house isn’t cheap, but it makes up for it with the location, directly in front of Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore.

Plus it sleeps seven, so if you fancy a trip to Hawaii with six friends, this is the place to do it.

This house is 100 per cent solar powered and the hosts supply snorkelling equipment, boards and bikes for getting around.

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Los Cabos Mexico Surf Shack Airbnb

If rustic is what you’re after, this Mexican beach casita might be for you.

It’s 10 foot by 12 foot and overlooks Shipwreck’s — a cool surf spot where sea turtles hang out on the beach.

Hosts Elena and León live next door, and will make you three meals a day if you ask!

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Piha Beach Hut Surf Shack Airbnb New Zealand

This mini hut (previously a laundry hut) may only be 45 minutes from Auckland, but you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

Set in a forest garden it’s ten minutes walk from Phia beach and a 30 minute hike to Phia waterfall.

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Padang Padang Surf Shack Bali Airbnb

Padang Padang has it all — a famous wave, naughty monkeys and crystal clear water. Stay right on the water’s edge in this traditional wooden hut.

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Arugam Bay Sri Lanka Surf Shack Airbnb

Just £13 a night gets you your own shack at Arugam bay, complete with bathroom, fan, wifi and free bicycles for your daily surf check (the surf is a seven minute walk away).

The owners also run a restaurant, and if you let them know before 5pm they’ll make you dinner from fresh local organic and seasonal food.

Sounds amazing, right?

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Jeffreys Bay South Africa Airbnb Surf Shack

You can’t get any closer to supertubes than this one bedroom wooden shack, which is nestled in the sand dunes.

There’s no TV so you’ll have to make your own entertainment — which shouldn’t be too hard with that amazing view.

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