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There’s something about January that makes us all want to travel.

Maybe it’s waving Christmas farewell for another 12 months or a sudden return to the daily grind, but come the second week of the year and our browser history is suddenly full of Honolua Bay Surf Shacks and backwater trails across the Amazon.

The problem is, a month of festivities and overpriced mulled wine tend to leave January bank balances looking less jetsetter and more Netflix night in.

Not to fear! We’ve put together our list of mini adventures in the UK that are low in dough and crazy big in adrenaline. We promise to have you back at your desk by 9am Monday.


Wild swimming is having a moment right now with people trekking across forests and over cliff edges to find that perfect secret spot. Let’s keep it between us, but Goldiggins Quarry in Cornwall has the edge on its competition.

The secret spring water lake is hidden in miles of grassy moors with wide open pools and daringly tall ledges for jumping and diving.

With many campsites dotted around the area it’s the perfect chance to grab a few brave friends and backpack and go searching in the wilderness for this exclusive swimming pool, compliments of Mother Nature.

Just remember a warm change of clothes!

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Some pretty wild folks over in North Wales have filled a subterranean cave with a maze of trampolines and spiraled slides and are inviting people to bounce their way through its clandestine tunnels. Seriously.

On top of that, the Bounce Below caves just happen to be slap bang in the middle of Snowdonia’s crazy beautiful mountain trails to walk, run, climb and explore to your heart’s content.

We suggest Ty-Newydd Farm Campsite, for views that make you happy to sleep under the stars.


The UK may never be known for monster waves but that’s not to say it hasn’t got some surprises up its sleeve.

Scotland’s surf spot Thurso East is thought by many to hold the best wave in Europe and plays host to a number of international competitions.

The bay has some great surf lodges as well as some pretty decent beer gardens to rest your aching legs after a day out in the water.

Sure, you don’t get the hot sun rays of Honolua or Jaws, but there’s always been something kind of magical about surfing in the rain…

easy rider

Biking your thing? Go for a chaotic trip on two wheels around the Chalk Ridge Extreme Bike Route on the Isle of Wight.

Starting at Chalk’s bike centre, it will have you weaving through woodland, pushing through muddy trails and flying down coastal paths for 50 miles around the island.

Not for the faint hearted, this route is intense with parts that will really get the blood pumping in your ears.

It’s a challenge well worth taking, over sea views look over to France on clear days.


Doesn't the top of Old Man Of Hoy look like the world’s most perfect picnic spot?! If the UK has produced a more perfect climbing wall, we've yet to find it.

This awesome sea stack lies on the coast of Hoy Island in Orkney, Scotland. While not the tallest in Britain, the old guy has more than a few crazy routes up his jagged sides.

For those among us who are not seasoned climbers, it goes without saying that a professional climbing buddy will be needed. The sea stack will take all weekend to conquer but fear not, Hoy also offers countless other climbing spots more suited for anyone wanting to get back to a warm pub before dark. Last one to the top gets the pints in!