Find the best women's 3m wetsuit for surfing in the UK

Trying to find the best 3mm wetsuits for women on sale in the UK for surfing or swimming is a time consuming task.

Luckily you have us to do it for you!

Just like choosing the right surfboard and swimsuit, choosing the right wetsuit is integral to a good day's surfing.

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Many people choose 3mm wetsuit tops and boots when UK surfing, but getting specific, you need to sort your essentials.

For a summer's surfing in the UK, we suggest a 3mm wetsuit and a good swimsuit to go underneath.

Once you've decided if you want a full body wetsuit, a shortie or a sleeveless, the best thing to do is try on a few wetsuits in your local surf shop to see which suits you best.

Before that however, check out our top six wetsuit picks on sale in the UK in summer 2015, just for the ladies.

Gul Response Women's Wetsuit

If you still like the feel snug in your summer wetsuit. This Gul 3/2mm is a good choice for you.

Gul focuses on simple, hardwearing wetsuits with very reasonable price tags.

This wetsuit is made with X-Flex super stretch upper body panels, which make the suit easy to get on and off (always handy for the hotter months!)

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The suit is also available this summer with brighter blues and greens in the panels.

While not the top level of women's wetsuits on sale by the company, this is a great 3mm wetsuit for someone not wanting to spend too much money.

3mm is the perfect summer wetsuit for women surfers in the UK

Looking for you first wetsuit?

This Animal AMP has features, like A-Flex neoprene and a super seal neck, that you would find in an intermediate suit from all brands, but at a lower price.

The neoprene feels quite thin making the suit only suitable for hotter days in the water, but the panels and stretch make it a very flexible and durable wear.

Apart for the technical points however, we have to also mention that this is a very good looking suit.

Intermediate 3mm wetsuit on sale  for female surfers Photo: O'Neill

On the other end of the spectrum, O'Neill's 3/2mm Superfreak suit is a super warm suit for a 3mm.

The lining on this suit is super minimal, giving the suit a pretty high end look and feel.

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Plus we love the funky chest zip and secret key pocket on the thigh!

A good choice for surfers who still want to know they'll be staying warm in their summer suit.

Women's 3mm wetsuits are on sale in many UK surf shops

A super comfortable suit, the Billabong SG5 women's wetsuit has carefully designed its panels and seams to give the feel of much lighter and more flexible suits on sale, while still keeping the warmth.

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For long periods in the sea, both the flexibility and thickness will be appreciated by any surfer.

We're big fans of any wetsuit for ladies that isn't mostly black, but also knows when to stop with the pink...

A full body 3mm women's wetsuit is a great choice for UK surfers

This Rip Curl 3mm wetsuit is made with E4 neoprene, which the company claims to provide more flexibility, warmth and durability.

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A high performance steamer suit, it was be great for women at both a beginner and intermediate level.

A great women's wetsuit on sale for anyone looking to move up from an entry level 3mm wetsuit.

This 3mm full length wetsuit is great for intermediate women surfers

This 3mm women's wetsuit from Gul is a slightly higher price range than some of the others in this article.

This price does bring some high end features however, that will be handy for surfing in the UK this summer.

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Our favourite feature is the Thermospan lining inside, which wicks moisture away from your core. Flexible and keeps out the chill.