In the UK, festivals are generally made up of wellies, mud and chilly nights and we love them for it.

However, we feel that now we've been to so many UK festivals, maybe its time to think bigger.

These festivals are so much more than just music- they are in fact, life changing experiences...

Across the planet, music festivals come in all shapes and sizes. From Mediterranean desert island parties and 72 hour sunshine raves to electronica nights held amongst old industrial machinery.

Whether its Burning Man or Secret Solstice, many say that these festivals are so much more than just music- they are in fact life changing experiences.

While we will never grow old of Glasto and dancing around in the English summer rain, we think that that this summer we might adventure a little further.

Let's go find some of these incredible, life changing parties across the globe!


There are so many incredible pictures of this festival on their gorgeous website that we couldn't decide which to feature.

In the end however, we settled for the one above which gives the best sense of the spirit of this amazing festival- a meadow in the mountains, a group of rad minded people and one incredible view.

Sustainability is a big deal at this party and the organisers are keen to respect the mountain that hosts the weekend.

Guests are taken away to the Rhodopian Mountains, 'an untouched and unravished bastion of nature in this harsh world of open busy buildings, urban sprawl and concrete jungles'.

Even with the amazing location however the festival creators urge us to remind you that its not really about that because 'MITM is made by the people that attend.'

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This summer Annie Mac is to hold her first ever music festival, set on the sunny beaches of Malta.

The lady herself has said that she's planning boat parties, beach parties, night time open air raves and plenty of surprises.

The festival has a very limited amount of tickets as the event is planned to be an intimate and exclusive weekend.

The whole event is a bit of a mystery right now, but we think that just makes it more of an adventure!

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Melt 2013 - Freitag

This festival, which is held in "the city of iron", an open museum of old huge industrial machines in Gräfenhainichen, began life as a small stronghold for rave lovers and techno enthusiasts.

The small party weekend has been running for 22 years this summer however and has grown to an immense size.

Check out the insane line up planned for 2015:

Jamie xx, Bonobo, Flume, Alt J, London Grammar, La Roux and umm...Kylie Minogue- just to name a slender few from the huge list of acts over the weekend.

This is a festival that UK party goers seem to embark on road trips to join, with groups now created to join together as a Melt! crew over the route across Europe.

Can we join?!

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The baby brother of Outlook and Hideout festival, Unknown is only in its second year, but has already gained some serious credentials on the international festival scene.

The part goes on for five days and nights, with concerts, forest parties, boat parties and island we guess you'd better be ready to party!

All the fun is based by the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by forest and flowers, and located near the beautiful old town of Rovinj.

As if a five day festival wasn't enough, the unknown site is open for nine whole days.

Festival goers are free to turn up early and leave late, to chill out before and after the party!

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This may be the most unique festival on earth.

The summer solstice occurs when the tilt of a planet's semi-axis, in either the northern or the southern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the star that it orbits.

The 'Midnight Sun' festival is held during the summer solstice weekend in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The party never stops, as the sun does not set for three whole days over the awesome location.

While the serene beauty of Iceland is never cloaked by darkness, which is great, neither are your drunken party antics, which is...worrying.

Could you handle the festival that has you up raving through 72 hours in the sun?

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This festival is held on a mountainside in Niigata, Japan.

Anyone who's been to this festival describes it as 'as close to perfect as any party on earth'.

The line up, a mix of techno and experimental artists are chosen to complement the theme of each year's party.

The perfectly curated festival is taken to another magical level through the location, which places festival goers slap bang in the middle of Japan's beautiful countryside while still being in view of the chaos of Tokyo in the distance.

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The festival of choice for chic Parisian crowd of music lovers.

This festival resides on the beach during the day, with music soaked up along with sunshine and cocktails on loungers and swimming and beach sports available all day long.

When the sun goes down the music moves into various outdoor and indoor venues across Calvi town.

The main venue is based just next to the cliff tops, giving an awe inspiring view of the sunset as you party away.

What we really love about this festival however, is how different genres are split across the different corners of the town.

Whether your in the mood for electronica, funk, reggae or pop, you know which part of town to head too!

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burning man

How could we write this article and not mention Burning Man?!

The big daddy of extreme music festivals, this week long party has an actual 'survival guide' on its website info.

Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City.

The desert becomes a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.

The team behind the festival urge participants, or 'playas' as they're known, to make themselves part of the festival, spending time to prepare and plan art projects and camps prior to making their way to the event.

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