Once you've done one workout class, you've done them all, right? Actually wrong.

We've been getting a little bored of our gym routines and workout classes recently... Until we realised there are some seriously kooky classes out there.

From hanging upside down in a trapeze to cutting shapes on the dancefloor before 7am, we want to have a go at all of these crazy fitness classes...


We loved playing with hula hoops when we were little, but we never gave a thought to how good for us hula hooping actually is.

HulaFit, with its mix of cardio workout and waist shaping, is half an hour of fun and fitness.

It takes a lot of stomach muscles to keep the hoop around your middle for a long period of time.

After one class, you can feel muscles aching that you'd forgotten you owned. The best part is that it hardly feels like a real workout at all.


Could you get your party on at 6:30am every morning?

The Morning Glory Rave is a early weekday club-style party, with smoothies and espressos taking the place of late night gin and tonics

This class, sorry - party - is based in Shoreditch and lasts from 6:30am through to 10:30am.

Like any regular club, you are free to turn up, dance away and toodle off whenever you fancy.

The best part of this morning rave? The mix of people who attend.

From city suits looking for some quirky pre-work cardio to Shoreditch hippies looking for a good time before Pilates - it's really bizarre and super cool to see everyone jumping around together.


With a studio in Hoblorn and one in Shoreditch, Boom Cycle is growing at a speedy rate.

They run spinning classes with a difference. It's not just your typical hour of sweat and willpower, Boom is a high endorphin, high fun event.

As you get on your bike in a dark mirrored room, the lights are lowered, the sound system kicks out high energy music and you're swept away into an immersive experience.

You can choose how hard you want to push yourself in these classes, but trust us, once you're there, you'll be inspired to push yourself further than you thought was possible.


Yup... This is a spin class in a hot tub.

Well, ok, not exactly. The individual bikes submerged in a singular hydro-massage bathtub with water jets to create a water biking and jogging experience.

HydroFit's idea is that the water workout will burn at least 300 calories in half an hour, while the jets cleanse and peel your skin, reducing cellulite.

We definitely want to give this kooky idea a try, but we can't promise that we'll be able to keep a straight face for the whole 30 minutes.

Powder_Power-2 (1)

This is the perfect class for all snowboarders and skiers stuck in a city.

Powder Power is an awesome class from GymBox that helps strengthen your muscles, and increase your flexibility, agility and endurance to make sure you're prepared next time you hit the slopes.

The class even includes a gyroboard which enables you to simulate moves used on the piste.


Love the idea of yoga, but don't have the patience for peaceful meditation?

House Of Voga runs a fusion yoga and dance class which combines the stretches of a good yoga class and adds them to the soundtrack of a heart-pumping dance routine.

This class leaves you feeling both chilled out and worn out. We love it!


Dance and yoga not weird enough for you? Why not keep the yoga but lose the gravity...

Anti gravity yoga classes have been around for a couple of years now but their popularity is not waning.

You participate in the class while hanging from a fabric band suspended from the ceiling.

It acts like a swing or soft trapeze and allows you to stretch hard to reach muscles and create difficult positions.

Regulars claim that it expands your physical agility much faster than traditional yoga.

We really want have a go at hanging out upside down in the name of fitness...