The internet has been full of cats getting in the way of our yoga practice for a while now.

Getting all up in our poses, laying on our mats, climbing on us as we try and steady ourselves.

Well, these feline friends have been feeling a little guilty about their past behaviour.

So, to make it up to us, they've decided to share their own yoga wisdom to take with us to our next yoga or bikram session.

Cheers kitties!


Firstly, this cat wants to remind us of the importance of stretching properly when we first start...


....and that means our to stretch out our leg muscles in forward bend.


This cat says if you push you bum into the air, you extend the back and glutes into a nice shoulder stand position.


...but this guy is just showing off.


This kitty has just realised that everyone else is doing something different.

"Wait, I thought we were supposed to be doing Happy Baby Pose?"


"Yeh...this definitely feels wrong. I'm doing this wrong."


...And thinks everyone is looking at him because he doesn't know what he's doing


"Yup. Everyone's definitely looking at me."


But this cat would like to remind you to ignore them. Cause you still rock at the other poses, like the headstand.


This bleary -eyed guy is feeing the stretch and telling you that you always regret that extra glass of wine.


But this dude disagrees. No one should be ashamed of loving the savasana the most.


And this little guy says you have to be determined to get your stretch on, no matter the conditions getting in your way. Yoga every day!