It's so rare to see female photographers in the outdoor industry. For years, it's been a male dominated field - but not any longer.

Emma Light is a 22 year-old outdoor adventure photographer from Montana, USA.

We came across her Mountain Babes project back in March. It's a series of photographs showing women embracing the outdoors.

These photos weren't staged or posed, they were moments of real adventure captured through the lens.

We sat down to chat with Emma. Here's her story...


"I started taking photos in sophomore year of high school. We learnt on 35mm cameras, developing the photos in the dark room.

I didn't really have any talent in other subjects. With photography, I felt like I had an eye for something."


"It wasn't until I went to college that I began photographing the outdoors.

I've lived in Bozeman, Montana for 15 years. It's surrounded by mountains, so I can ski all the time. I love skiing, I'm a total ski bum."


"I started the Mountain Babes series after I got in contact with Topo Designs. They're a bag company from Colorado. They sent me a couple of backpacks to photograph.

So I went out with some girlfriends to take some photos - and decided to make it my final project at college.

I wanted to depict groups of women who love to seek adventure. The wild landscape entices them to play and be challenged."


"These photos were taken in Montana and Idaho. We went skiing in this place called The Great One. It was pre-season and it got super windy - like 50 or 60 mph.

Another time, we went hiking and camping in the Wolverine Area. We did some climbs and decided that because there were no guys around, we'd just take off our shirts. So we climbed naked, that was really fun."


"I mostly shoot close friends. I definitely feel more comfortable with women. They are easy and more sympathetic.

Men just go straight forward. They won't stop or wait for you to keep up if you're going a bit slow."


"I've got a big bulky camera - a DSLR Canon 6d with a 24-105mm lens.

The hard part for me is keeping up with the girls. They're all really athletic.

It takes time taking photos. Before I know it, they're off marching while I have to put it back in my bag. Yeah, it's a little hard but it's still worth it."


"I made the Mountain Babe series into a perfect bound book. It feels so different looking at it in print compared to a digital picture.

Because I'm documenting adventure, it feels better to have it in a book to flick through pages. You can actually follow the full story line that way.

I'm inspired by a lot of photographers. Leslie Hittmeier is really cool. I also love the work of Cameron Gardner, Forest Woodward, Chris Burkard, Max Lowe and Joel Bear."


"My goal is to build a business for myself, taking photos for outdoor retail companies like Patagonia, Mountain Equipment and Rab.

There are so many outdoor lifestyle photographers with similar aesthetics. I'm trying to find my own aesthetic signature. I don't know if I've found it yet, but my photos are definitely evolving.

Thanks to the friends who are willing to be photographed. Holler at them!"

Check out more of Emma Light's work on her website and on Instagram