It's official. You're texting constantly, you like spending time with one another. In essence - you like each other. A lot.

But what happens when this new person doesn't like one thing... Your hobby.

It happens all the time. Surfer chicks and skater guys clash. Marathon runners and hikers mistakenly think they match. But before you realise it, you're way to far down the loved-up rabbit hole to care.

No one should give up what their passion - be it jumping into the icy cold Atlantic or going on a muddy hike...

Problems won't arise to start with, but there is a point when you realise:

a) You want to spend your weekends together

b) But you have no interest in playing golf, watching football, or whatever your partner wants to do

No one should give up what their passion - be it jumping into the icy cold Atlantic or going on a muddy hike. However, (not to get all Dr Phil on you) we all know that compromise is a big part of a relationship.

So how do you get your favourite person to enjoy your hobby? Here are our tips...


You probably need to REALLY into someone to go out rocking this ensemble, but the point is, making an effort to try out their weird interests will go along way.

If you're asking them to spend their Saturday hiking up a mountain with you, be prepared to spend your Sunday doing whatever they're into.

Whether it's golfing afternoons, go-karting races, competitive tennis doubles or hot dog eating contests, show a little willing and give it a try.

You never know, you might discover you actually love his hobby. You've just never given it a go.


Try and think back to when you first started. You might want to head out into those perfect glassy waves for a five hour session. They won't.

If you're taking them skiing or snowboarding for the first time, start off with a giant breakfast and stop for lots of beers and/or vin chauds throughout the day.

Want to drag your beau up a mountain? Choose a trail with a super beautiful peak, pack a tent and plan a chill-out afternoon together before heading back down.

If you make it fun (not painful), you're more likely to have a willing volunteer to come with you next time.


We all do it. When we get the chance to talk about our favourite hobby, we REALLY talk about it.

Remember you are introducing your hobby to a rookie. They might not be perfect at it and they're certainly not as interested as you yet.

Say you're trying to share your love of running. While they may be running with the technique of a badger on stilts and heading for definite shin splints tomorrow, that's probably better than feeling like they're being supervised all day, so take it easy.

Enthusiasm may be endearing to begin with, but after the 32nd "oh and another thing!" your new hobby buddy may be ready to pack up and go home.

Steady on there sister and keep in the keen, just for now.


Anyone who spent their childhood being dragged across hiking paths in the cold, pouring rain by evil parents will get what we mean.

Think of it this way:

Going for a run is totally different in the sunshine than in cold winds.

Surfing is a different matter altogether when it's hot.

Ever noticed how the slopes are so much more crowded under a blue sky?

Your newbie companion is probably already battling their better judgement by letting you take them on your little adventure. Don't make them battle Mother Nature as well.

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Maybe they try out your hobby and they're a natural. That's great! Right?

You get home from work to find out they've started reading that book about you keep forgetting to buy. They're sending you links over Facebook to articles that you've already found.

Is someone feeling a little territorial over there?

We're not proud of it, but when someone takes up our interests, a small part of us gets protective and scared everyone's going to want to get involved.

Don't worry, you're not a terrible person (or no more than the rest of us). Just remember that sharing only makes things better and that this is what you were aiming for.

And promise us one thing... You'll never utter the words "I liked it before it was cool..."



The first try went well and you've been talking all week about how much fun you had together.

Just make sure you don't go too full-on too soon.

While you might be imagining spending every spare minute out with your new adventure buddy, they're probably still looking forward to your Friday night Netflix and Domino's fest.

Take it easy, it's all working out just as you planned...


Don't worry, we're not suggesting breaking it all off over a disagreement in weekend plans.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes things just don't work like you want them too.

If your partner really does not have any interest in joining you in your weekend activities, don't overthink it and just go it alone - or with your pals.

You need to give your new relationship some time too. Opposites attract, right? Just remember to not neglect your hobby though. It was there first, after all!