Who else wishes they were floating around an amazing pool in the sun right now?

On this cold, rainy Thursday morning at Cooler HQ we're all thinking about how much we'd like to be on a remote island somewhere or on a sunny cliff top, practicing our breaststroke.

It's not quite time for holidays yet, but that doesn't mean we haven't started daydreaming about our summer escapes already.

Here are fourteen amazing infinity pools which will have you planning your next trip to paradise by lunchtime...

Grace Hotel Santorin

Santorini in Greece is known to hold some of the world's best infinity pools. Alongside the swanky hotels, Greek locals picked up on the trend a few years ago and started building their own versions. Lucky them!


Dreamy does not even begin to cover this photo. Can we swap places with this lady? Please? Pretty please?


These two infinity pools are made of actual solidified volcanic ash and face out onto the Bali jungle. Where's our passport?


The Pamukkale travertine hot springs in Turkey are one of the world's amazing natural infinity pools. It definitely makes us want to spend the day combing our hair on a rock and diving into the clear water...

national geog Marina Bay Sands

We think the contrast between this serene pool and the busy city below is a stunning example of find your serenity amongst a busy lifestyle. We're wondering whether our office will consider building us one....


Anyone else wish they could go have drinks and dinner in this amazing suspended poolside hut tonight?

bondi iceburg

This pool could definitely get us motivated to do our 70 lengths every morning!


We can't decide of we want to dive into the water, or explore the wilderness behind...


A lounger to read your books, a pool to cool you off, and a whole ocean to explore...


Imagine spending dusk relaxing in this secret pool. We can think of worst places to watch the sun set...


Ok, you got us, not exactly an infinity pool, but way too amazing to not include. We want to see what's at the bottom...


We love this. Where does the pool end and the ocean begin?

intercontinental hong kong

Another amazing metropolis retreat. Your own private spot to watch the world going by. This is our idea of city sightseeing.