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1. Lucy Adams & Pixels trip to Gran Canaria

At number 1, it's the one and only Lucy Adams, the British female skater who's not afraid to try a new trick or fall and bruise a knee. In this clip Lucy joins the boys and Camilla Mullins at the Pixels trip to Gran Canaria, the sun is shining (mostly) and the skates are out! Watch her shred and shine! [NB Not a longboard clip but one that inspired me as a skater all the same!]

2. Ana Rumiha Longboarding

At number 2, Ana Rumiha’s “one arm" approach of filming with just a pole captures her awesome skills and rad style of cruising around on her ones! After recovering from a knee injury, I was stoked to see her back on her board!

3. Visitor starring Alicia Fillback

At number 3, Alicia Fillback from the Caliber Truck Company totally kills it, the girls not only got speed but she’s got style too! Her fearless approach makes her a total inspiration and one to keep your eyes on, there's just no stopping her!

4. Endless Roads, 1st Chapter: Yellow Roads

At number 4, the beautiful scenery of Spain is presented through the eyes of the Longboard Girls Crew, the girls set off on their rad Volkswagen van with only the essentials for a long HOT road trip! The skills are truly endless, just like the roads!

5. French Longboard Girls Crew - La Premiere

At number 5, the French Longboard Girls Crew girls show off their skills as they cruise around the long, smooth roads of France, the five girls are not afraid to dodge a few people on the streets and even show off a few of their own tricks, see if you can spot the sneaky 180 body varials!

*They're actually chosen by Shakiba Moghadam who for today speaks as us (we especially like her Top 40 style countdown, even though it's kinda in reverse but you know what we mean). She is busy trying to set up a longboarding club at the University of Portsmouth, so if you're interested in joining find her on facebook here and go skate. We bet you'll like it, a lot.

This is Shakiba btw

No photos please, speak to my agent

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