Pamela Rosa flipping her way to victory

What started out as a fairly wet start to the skate festival weekend turned into a glorious day for the finals of the Far N’ High World Cup contest – held in a suburb just south of Paris. And we were live on the grounds to report back from the action that went down - which was a loooot...

Words & photography by Jenna Selby

Leticia Bufoni - Lipslide

16 riders in all entered the girls division travelling the distance from across Europe, a fair smattering also made their way over from Brazil to take part in the comp. Initially 10 riders were supposed to be selected for the final but the judges made the decision to reduce it down to 8.

On the Saturday, to qualify each athlete was given two 45 second runs. Those who progressed to the final on the Sunday included familiar names on the comp circuit – Leticia Bufoni, Evelien Bouilliart, Candy Jacobs and Aura Bredart amongst others.

For the finals the time was upped to two 1 minute runs. Leticia made good use of the whole park and delivered two consistant runs which included a solid tre over the driveway, front tail fakie out on the huge block and a fine crooked down the rail. Candy was also on form and her strong style as always really stood out. She linked a lot of tricks together in her runs including a backside 5-0 on the ledge turning around straight into feeble down the rail. There was also a good nollie 50-50 in there also. Aura from Belgium, another skater with a solid style (and I think a little P-Rod influence) landed feeble after feeble on lock on the flat bar rail.

Aura Bredart - Lipslide

This year however it seemed it was time for two new riders to make their mark on the comp circuit; 11 year old Asia Lanzi from Bologna in Italy has been skating since she was 5 years old. She turned up holding a board that was almost as big as she was tall. Rocking a baggy hoody and knee pads she hit up pretty much all the rails in the park, even conquering the large rail with a backside boardslide. She landed a nice frontboard on the smaller rail and in the last few seconds of her run the MC encouraged her to try something she’d not already landed. So of course she opted for ollying down the big 4. On the first attempt, the board went wayward and she was somewhat off, however on the second attempt the board just kicked away from her feet as she was close to landing. All that can be said is nice work and some guts there! There is definitely more to come from this girl.

Evelien Bouillart - Frontside Boardslide

The rider who stole the show though was 13 (yes 13!!) year old Pamela Rosa. Hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil, this was her first appearance at Far N’ High and from what we can gather any World Cup event and she did not disappoint! She locked onto every trick she did a completed in style.

Again she was another rider who made use of the whole of the park with a run full of tricks - front board on the rail, backside 50-50 on the large ledge, lipslide on the rail finishing her run with a feeble down the huge hand rail. There was nothing that could be faulted with either of her runs and she was deservedly awarded 1st place. Leticia came in second and Candy third.


1. Pamela Rose

2. Leticia Bufoni

3. Candy Jacobs

4. Aura Bredart

5. Julie Bruechler

6. Asia Lanzi

7. Evelien Bouilliart

8. Eliana Sosco

9. Emma Lindgren

10. Jessica Ferreira

11. Charlotte Hym

12. Kerstin Kruger

13. Marta Nery

14. Ana Lucia Seisos

15. Marrie Dabbadie

16. Jordan Sepentin