So you've decided that veggie is the way for you.

You've bought a handful of cookbooks, along with a tonne of lentils, nuts and tofu and you're looking forward to your new meat-free lifestyle.

Problem is, you're living with a guy who loves burgers, steak and roast chicken- basically anything made from an animal - and you'd still quite like to share a kitchen with him.

Whether it's because you like eating together, you split the shopping bills or you simply don't agree on the veggie ethos, the decision to turn vegetarian makes for some tricky logistics at home.

However, if you follow these easy steps, you can live side by side in peace...


When taking on a new lifestyle choice, you can get so caught up in your own good intentions that you forget that other people might not be on the same page.

Make sure you sit down with the person you live with and explain what you're doing, what your reasons are and how you're planning on changing.

Will you still be ok with cooking meat? Do you mind it being next to all your food in the fridge?

They're going to need to know all this stuff if want to live harmoniously as carnivore and herbivore from this point on.


Just because you can't share a lasagne anymore, it doesn't mean you can't still make your meals together.

Many dishes such as pasta, fajitas and stir fries can be made in a vegetarian way and split into two portions, allowing the meat to be cooked separately and thrown in at the last minute.

While some meat eaters might think otherwise, this method doesn't change the taste of the dishes whatsoever.

Better still, if you have different tastes in seasoning, it's no problem.

The meat can be individually seasoned when cooking separately, so you both have your perfect meal and still get to share dinner after work.


So your new veggie lifestyle is going great.

You feel healthy, you're saving money, you're guilt free and you don't miss meat at all.

While you may feel like you want to gush to everyone around you on the amazing positives of vegetarianism, remember that they aren't all going to want to hear it.

Your other half is probably trying super hard to remember to buy veggie snacks and stop offering you a bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning... Maybe don't start trying to stop him having one too.

Getting preachy about whether eating meat is right or not is a surefire way to make some enemies.

Repeat after us...."Good for me, not for you."


Don't let your veggie lifestyle rule your life and stop you both having fun.

Your partner is probably worried that going for dinner with you on a Saturday night is now out of the picture.

The best (and most fun) way to prove this wrong is to go out and show them that nothing has to change, just because you stick to the plants now.

Pretty much all restaurants now have a good selection of veggie dishes and you'll soon find your favourite places that you both still love to go.


While it may be a tough sell for anyone who is a beef burger and steak junkie, try and turn your veggie habit into a reason to explore new options and have fun.

We all get into a routine of making the same food every week and buying the same food from the supermarket.

Take it turns to cook a new dish or discover a new ingredient.

Vegetarianism doesn't have to be limiting, put in a bit of effort and you'll find that there's actually a lot of food out there you haven't discovered yet.