We'll let you in to a secret.... The best holidays have nothing to do with lying on a beach and drinking cocktails by the pool.

Adventure holidays are regularly left out of destination lists but we think these are the best types of trips abroad.

The best holidays have nothing to do with lying on a beach and drinking cocktails by the pool...

Whether you're a keen yogi who wants to escape to a mindful retreat on the other side of the world or a runner who's desperate to swap the city streets for a cliff top, there are hundreds of companies all over the world specialising in different outdoor activities.

We've picked out some awesome holiday ideas for eight very different types of adventurer...

Young woman surfboarding at summer resort

Anyone else spend most of the year daydreaming of getting out in the surf but end up only spending a small amount of their time off doing so?

Just because your going on an active holiday, you don't have to give up either your time in the sea, or the luxuries that you love to indulge in while your away from the daily grind.

Bespoke Retreat's surf breaks include yoga, massages, endless hot drinks and a private villa in Portugal with pool & tennis court.

They have delicious breakfasts and dinners cooked up by their in-house nutritionist , plus a beginners guide to natural nutrition to take your new healthy eating habits home with you.

They also offer video coaching sessions to help you progress from catching the whitewater to ripping along glassy blue curls.

If your planning on treating yourself this year, this mix of action and relaxation is sure to leave you feeling super human by the end of the week.


Do you get told by your yoga instructor to close your eyes and imagine calm seas, white sands and birds singing in the trees?

Why not spend a couple of weeks in a yoga retreat that doesn't require you to imagine at all?

There are so many out-of-this-world yoga retreats on the planet that give you a genuine opportunity to fall off the map for a while.

Yoga Shala in Mexico offers a great programme of different opportunities to reach a new level in your yoga practice, but leaves you to make your own holiday.

Feel free to sleep under the stars every night on the white sand beach with a dark and mysterious jungle behind you. This is pretty close to paradise...


Anyone who spends 45 minutes a day, four days a week pounding the pavement around the streets dreams of taking their running to a more natural setting. Fact.

Did you know that there are actual running holidays every summer?

To join a running holiday, choose your location. Run between Italian cities, across cloudy peaks or wherever else you fancy!

Next sign up with a group, you can either do this with a mate or brave it alone and meet other runners when you get there.

Then just pack a good pair of trainers and you're off!

Embrace Sports run regular programmes around the coast of Portugal. Join a group and expect 5k beach runs, sports massages, technique training and moonlight night races.


This holiday looks incredible.

Secret Compass' run Madagascan mountain and rivers explorations, travelling across the Mozambique Channel in the north of the country.

Climb the island's highest peak and navigate the Bemarivo rapid, ending up in the Indian Ocean.

Obviously you're not thrown into the wilderness alone. A trained exploration leader will travel with you and provide food and water throughout.

This holiday will take some real physical and mental strength from you. In return, you get to pass through some amazing rainforests, spend four days living in a jungle and battle some of the wildest waters the area offers.

It seems like a fair trade.


A girly weekend away with a difference.

GirlCamps offer holidays on the slopes, that are just for the girls!

We like the sound of their ski and wellbeing holiday which includes three days on the slopes (two with a training instructor) along with lots of other treats for when you return to your accommodation at the end of the day.

Next time your mates start talking about an Ibiza spa break, tell them that this year, snow is the only way to go.


Most of us left rafting behind at summer camp, and we can't remember why.

Holidays that take you down choppy rivers and over natural waterfalls, while passing amazing scenery all day long? Count us in.

This break in Zambia includes a seven day route down the stream from Victoria Falls, passing rapids with terrifying names such as ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Camp on the bank every night and sit around a campfire, making new friends and taking in the African wildlife.

You'd better get a good night's sleep though, you'll be back battling the rivers again in the morning!


The awesome freedom of being on a bike with nothing to worry about and an open road in front of you should never be underestimated.

With its diverse landscape, Majorca is becoming a go to destination for biking holidays.

The counties smooth roads and off track trails make a perfect setting for a two wheel adventure that takes you away from your everyday worries and free to roam as you please.

Many people stay at Son Brull monastery, situated on a high peak on the island and either follow a seven day tailored cycling programme or rent a bike and go their own way...


With all of its secret coves and secret beaches, the only way to explore Croatia is by boat.

You can join many group holidays that take you around many of the different shore side locations but we say, why not find them yourself?!

GAdventure lets you hire out boats from small two person sails to bigger boats for a group of friends.

The company also provides snorkelling equipment so you can shore up and explore the lively reefs underwater that are dotted along the coastline.

We love the idea of being able to find a different adventure everyday, before sailing away every night...