Every outdoor lover and part time adventurer has a dream job they fantasize about.

One that will allow them to daydream about adventures all the time, or stay outdoors all day long.

6 Dream Surf Jobs You Can Apply For Right Now

Whether it's being a surf instructor, a travel photographer or pro athlete, we all know what our own individual dream is.

While the people who have these jobs have the idyllic lives, its likely that by choosing a more traditional career, you have the dream salary.

We had a nose around to find out how much our perfect adventure jobs actually pay....


Most people who become surf instructors have lived by the coast for most of their lives and started coaching young.

Obviously there are exceptions, but most instructors will have been coaching from high school age.

For this reason, you're likely to start on a pretty meagre wage as a green instructor and will have to expect to hold a second job to make a living wage.

The way to make a good living is to own your own surf school and build your own business.

Though it might not sound like the free spirited life you were envisaging, having your own business could make a lot money in the summer, leaving the winter free to go somewhere hot to surf yourself.

Could be worse...


Adventure journalism jobs are pretty few and far between, as are most journalism jobs.

If you have your own blog on which you write your adventures, you'll have to get pretty successful before you make any money whatsoever.

If you get a job on a magazine 0r website you'll be looking at a wage between £18,000- £30,000.

The wage gap depends on skill level and publication size.

Once you're in however, you can work that wage and your position in the direction you'd like it to go!


Want to live the slope life for as long as possible? Then becoming a ski rep for a season sounds pretty rad!

Anyone who has done a season will tell you however that the hours are long and the pay (although it includes accommodation and equipment and sometimes meals) is not much at all.

£60 a week? Yeh, you don't do a season as a means to saving up for a mortgage, guys...

It's not a long term life decision and you might come out more broke than you went in....but it's LOADS of fun.


There are a few of us who don't want to live around the edges of our favourite sports, but instead, want to shape them from the inside and be the best at them.

Let's be clear about one thing, no elite athlete got into it for the money and many of them make their day to day living through other means, especially if they're women.

Yes, if you win a comp its pretty big bucks, so is sponsorship from Roxy, but Alana, Stephanie and Bethany still make a lot of their money from advertising, modelling etc.

The ASP men's prize money is $100,000. The women's is $15,000.

Of course that shouldn't stop any woman from becoming a pro athlete, we need your rad skills to bridge that gap!


Every time we go to a big event, be it Boardmasters, UK Pro Surf Tour or Roxy's recent Run Sup Yoga event, we marvel at the organisation that goes into putting everything together.

If you're one of those organised and creative souls who loves throwing people a good party, you've probably considered becoming an events organiser.

Depending on company size and event, you can earn a good wage in this job, as well as getting to travel and go to some awesome and adventurous events!

The starting salary for anyone getting into this line of work is around £20,000, with a clear career progression available at most companies!


Ahh, to sit around on the beach all day and get paid for it...

Yes, beach lifeguards do seem to have an awesome summer (as long as no one actually gets into much trouble in the water) but once again, the pay isn't much to write home about.

As with other seasonal jobs, you'll be looking at early mornings and minimum wage, but the trade off is that you get to spend the whole summer outdoors.

If you have the right training and a summer spare, go for it!


There's no job more adventurous and creative than travelling the world trying to capture the raddest things nature has to offer.

Whether it be finding a sunrise no one has photographed before, or capturing a whale and its calf, its a life we can only dream of.

No one is ever really employed to do this however, and if you want it, you have to go freelance.

Entering your photos into competitions like national geographic might get you noticed and giving a couple of pics to publications for free to begin with might get you a few good working relationships, but its really up to you to bring in the dollar.

Go to a few meet up events with other photographers and try to figure out the working rate.

Good luck!