Camping is the best way to get out and enjoy nature for a few days.

There's nothing better than unzipping the door to be greeted with an amazing view and having the sense of not going indoors for days on end.

We can't pretend however, that its the most luxurious way to holiday.

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While we usually love the novelty of peeing outdoors and going without any modern amenities for a few days, if you're on your period it can be more than a bit of a bother.

As seasoned camping lovers, we've put together our definitive guide to living in the woods when its that time of the month.


Tampons and liners are most people's go to protection, however they are in no way eco-friendly.

When you're living in the wild, you cannot be leaving these behind.

One way of dealing with this is by taking two Ziploc bags with you, one for new tampons, one for used tampons.

Some people take this a step further however and invest in a dry bag (much like the ones used by parents that use cloth diapers, to store their used sanitary products.)

It seems a bit gross, yes, but its much better than leaving anything behind that could do damage to the environment and animals.

Once you've returned to civilisation, swiftly throw them away!


If you don't fancy carrying around your old tampons however, (and to be honest, we don't blame you) there is an alternative.

Menstrual cups are a tampon alternative that sit on the inside of your vagina and hold up to an ounce of blood.

Super hygienic, they can easily be removed and cleaned and reused again and again.

It might seem a little weird to begin with, but it is the most hassle free way to deal, when you're a good few miles away from a bin!


One of the main issues you might find, is that you're quite away from your bed and favourite Netflix show when the cramps really hit.

Firstly, make sure you take painkillers along!

Secondly, take a blow up bed with you.

Laying on the ground might be fine usually, but you will need that little bit of extra comfort for your back when you're on your period.

You will find that although you haven't got your home comforts, the amazing surroundings and fun things to do, will be enough to take your mind off most cramps!


For anyone concerned about being eaten....

No, bears will not smell blood and come to attack you in the night.

There is no evidence to suggest that bears are attracted to the smell of blood anymore than they will be to the smell of your campfire feasts!

In fact, the only bears that may be attracted to menstrual blood are polar bears.

We'd be surprised if any of them came sniffing around your tent!