Broken Leg Surfer Injury

It’s always the most insignificant days when you have an injury.

You'll be carving down the mountain when a bit of crusty snow catches your edge and you swivel your knee into oblivion.

Or you'll be cruising on your longboard in teeny tiny waves, when you suddenly get caught in the shore break and slammed into the sand. Ouch.

If you're addicted to hanging out in the ocean, then this will be a major spanner in the works...

You might get away with a plaster patch up, or you may have to spend a whole lot of time in rehab.

If you’re addicted to hanging out in snowy mountains or salty oceans, then this will be a major spanner in the works. No one wants to be told they can't practice their sport for months on end.

Here are a few tips (from someone who's been there) to prevent you getting “board" without a board....

Languages Cats Gemma Correll

Depending on your rehab, you can master the lingo of countries with killer surf.

Just two weeks? Polish up on your Spanish/French GCSE skills. "Donde esta la playa de surf?"

Doctor told you it's two years off sport? No biggie, you’ll have time to pick up Indonesian.

Soon you’ll be eavesdropping on locals in the line up and be able to fathom out the best secret spots around Bali.


It sounds drastic, I know, but it's essential for a while to prevent surf/pow envy.

No one posts white outs or close out days. Be prepared!

Cello Beach

It's a great way to spice up camp fire sessions on a surf trip.

Ukuleles are rather stereotypical, so why not shake it up with something mega obscure to the surfing scene, like a cello?

It’s unlikely to be thrust upon you at a camp fire gathering, which could be a blessing in disguise if you haven’t got past playing ‘twinkle twinkle’ but don’t mark my words.

At least have a few notes that sound a bit like Jack Johnson, and everyone’s happy?

Or ply your peers with enough rum that you that can convince them that if you listen really hard/use their imaginations, there’s a hint of 'Banana Pancakes' in your playing to croon along to.

extended side crow yoga P

Stretching those muscles into long, lean, active machines can help prevent further injuries.

This might be the time you need to finally be able to touch your toes!


It's an obvious one, but everyone needs a woolly hat for the winter season or cold days at the beach.

Ski Season Jobs Chalet Girl Computer Work

It’s all well and good checking Magic Seaweed, but imagine if you learnt about wind, storms and pressure ranges. It’s the perfect time to polish up on the science of surfing.

Plus, it means you’ll be the first port of call to decipher tricky swells patterns, or recommend the best spot for the day.

Steph Gilmore Surf Roxy

Head to the beach and live vicariously through your mates.

Watching surfing can be super useful to aid your own skills - study pop ups, those crucial paddle strokes, and mentally vote for the most stylish surfer of the session.

Friends will love you. You can guard the board bags, stoke the BBQ, and offer to film your buddies so they can improve their technique.

The only thing better than a pack of friends surfing is a pack of friends with one injured member of the crew filming their exploits.

Everybody loves footage of themselves even it’s a cruisey bottom turn or a rad wipeout.

beach photography

Although it sucks to be out of the game, at least you can spend the time perfecting your stoke for the sport.

After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and soon you’ll be patched up, with a whole plethora of new skills - and a brand new freshly knitted wardrobe.