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If you're anything like us, your Instagram feed will be full of awesome adventure women taking beautiful shots of mountains, beaches and sunsets.

However, our own attempts at capturing a sunset or mountain shot on our phone..... never quite match up.

So, we decided to ask seven of the best adventure photographers on Instagram what their secrets are to capturing super cool photos on their phone.

No fancy camera necessary!


"If you want to create a great Instagram account, it's important to find your very own style."

"Whether it's the thing you photograph, the way you edit them or the angle," says Yvonne, an adventure blogger for JustTravelous.

"Consistency is the key. People often check out your account before following you. They are more likely to follow you if your stream is organised and chaos-free."

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Moonlight Beach, Lost Coast, California

"Use an app like VSCO Cam," says Erin Kunkel, an editorial photographer who is happiest exploring the world on shoots and adventures.

"It's got great features like being able to tap the screen to choose focus and exposure, as well as a grid to compose the shot."

"Low light photos don't turn out well on a phone. Find good light. Experiment and see what works best."

We've especially fallen for her Wanderlust project, which you can see here.

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Alana Paterson Roots

"Sometimes when I have a difficult exposure or it's not looking the way I want, I tap to play with the exposure," says Alana Paterson.

Alana's pics are edgy in their presentation the beauty of nature, which we would love to master in our own photographs

"Let's say it's a landscape. By tapping on the land, it exposes it and by tapping on the say, it under-exposes it.

So, I would tap somewhere halfway - half on the highlight, half on the shadow - take bracket down the exposure."

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"I like to capture photos that convey motion and energy on my phone."

"Instead of a posed photo on a summit, I prefer to capture my partner hiking, or enjoying the view on the summit," says photographer Brooke Gaynes.

She's an all-round adventure woman who inspires us constantly through her relentless pursuit of adventure.

"Say it's a photo of my husband standing next to his bike, I might crouch down low to the ground, and take the photo looking up as he cruises past.

By capturing photos that have movement and energy I share some of the adrenaline I was feeling in that moment."

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"Try out different lenses for your phone. The advent of lens for your camera phone has opened up a whole new world to phone photography," says Kat Carney, a photo ambassador for Outdoor Women's Alliance.

"You can shoot fisheye or wide angle when you want to capture a scene and just pop on a telephoto lens when you want get closer to the action.

The best part is each lens only costs $20-$30, which makes them the most budget friendly lenses I have come across."

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"I always shoot my images in horizontal to get the most out of landscapes," says Elena Pressprich.

Her Instagram gives the sense of a woman who belongs outside and up a mountain.

"I also have a wide-angle Moment Lens that really allows me to capture amazing images from my phone.

Another way to squeeze more into an image is to use the pano feature - but you don't have to go all the way across.

You can stop the pano scanning at anytime. It takes a picture similar to what a wide angle lens would do!"

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"I always bring my GoPro plus the GoPro 3-way pole to capture candid moments of myself while traveling. Even underwater!" says Kierstan Rich

She's a writer and photographer who runs the blog, The Blonde Abroad. Kierstan is a self-confessed master selfie taker.

"The GoPro allows you to set it to time-lapse, which shoots multiple photos at a rate I decide.

You end up with awesome photos and you don't need to worry about asking a stranger to take a photo of you!"

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