Tarah Gieger - Action

The X Games have had all sorts of highs and lows for the girls competitive scene. The organisers have spent a fair amount of time adding disciplines and then cancelling contests, but you can't deny that over the years there have been a lot of amazing happenings in the games to push women's action sports the world over. Here are just some of them...

Terry Richardson for Red Bull

1) 2008: Ashley Fiolek wins Gold in Super X to become the first ever deaf medalist… and then wins it again the next year.

Back in 2008 Ashley made X Games history as the first deaf medalists, winning the Super X, she went on to take the title again the following year. She also has other firsts to her name, the first girl on the Honda Red Bull racing team and the first girl on the cover of Transworld Motocross magazine. That's a lot of firsts! What's next we wonder?

2) 2013: Elena Hight becomes the first person (male or female) to land a double backside alley-oop rodeo during the pipe contest.

MEGA SPIN! Elena not only did this for the girls, she did this for all of snowboard history. Waiting for her final hit to blast it out the bag at the 2013 games and score a 90. Only good enough for a silver thanks to Kelly Clark...

3) 2008: Tarah Gieger wins FIRST EVER women's supercross race.

The Puerto Rican won't the first ever supercross Gold for the ladies back in 2008, she then went on to win two more silvers. Check out her amazing slo-mo edit from Red Bull to find out more on her and her riding.


4) 2013: Alana Smith wins silver in the bowl to become the youngest medalist in history.

When park was reintroduced for women into the X Games in Barcelona last year, it was anyones guess who would take it. The Gold went to Lizzie Armanto, but in silver spot was little Alana Smith who at 12 years old became the youngest medalist ever! We witnessed her attempt to land the 540 McTwist in that very contest..


5) 2011: Kelly Clark lands a 1080 in the pipe!

There are a lot of historical happenings in the pipe as we listed earlier in the year, but an honourable trick mention goes to Kelly Clark, who in 2011, became the first female to land a 1080 in contest. On her final run nonetheless! She also managed to boost 14 feet out the pipe, plus followed that 1080 with a cab 720 and front 900. Errrgh, she could not be faulted!


6) 2003-2011: Lyn-Z Adams Pastrana and her 8 medals in vert.

The contest was cancelled in 2011 after a run of 8 years, and in those 8 contests, Lyn-z Adams took a medal every single time. 3 golds, 4 silvers and a bronze. But was gutted when the contest got cancelled stating that this would 'end the growth of women's vert skating as we know it'. Lets hope they bring it back one day, as she'll always be ready!

Vanessa Torres in action

7) 2003: Vanessa Torres wins the first ever girls skate street Gold medal.

Winners since have been Marissa Del Santo, Leticia Buffoni, Alexis Sablone.. but it was Torres who took the top spot at the first 'jam' back in 2003, which was referred to as skateboard park (although technically street). It was the first time girls skate was featured at the X Games and it has since remained on the schedule (in the form of street). Watch this years contest live from Austin on Sunday June 8th and read our latest pro chat with Vanessa.

Leticia Bufoni - Brazilian Gold

8) 2013: Leticia Bufoni wins X Games Real Women.

Last year was the first time they ran a female portion of their 'Real Series' video contest. For the girls they combined snowboard, ski, skate and surf, with 8 of the biggest names in the business battling it out in the 75 second clip. Straight from winning Gold in Brazil, Leticia took the Real Series title which was chosen out in Barcelona and then she went on to take the Gold medal at the street contest in LA. Now that's a lot of Gold to carry around one neck!


9) 2009-2014: Kaya Turski and her 4 ski slopestyle Golds.

The 8-time X Games medalist Canadian skier even managed to win it this year after having knee surgery just 4 months before.


10) 2013: Vicki Golden whips it against the guys.

After winning two women's Moto X events, Vicki Golden became the first invited female to compete alongside the men in Moto X Best Whip at the 2013 games. Not only did she compete.. she whipped some ass and bagged a bronze medal (despite the disadvantage of being on a smaller bike).

The X Games is back in Austin, June 5th-8th, with the women's street contest (June 8th) and women's Enduro X (June 6th). Plus check out Emma Gilmour and Sarah Burgess as they race it around the rallycross against the men on June 7th.