Laura Post

Over the Cooler Christmas holiday period, competition kid turned street rat turned big mountain rider Laura Hadar announced the sad news of her retirement from professional snowboarding.

But at least she's going out with a bang. In this interview with TGR, the Cooler cover star and wild child of snowboarding explained that rather than burn out and fade into the background, she wanted to leave on a high and has left us with a banging edit to prove it (check it out on page 8).

While Laura's career started out on her high school snowboarding team, competing in the junior world champs and eventually the X-Games, she found her love for filming at the tender age of 19 and is one of the few women to build a career so largely based on video parts. But she's always done things her own way and not cared what anyone else thought about it, and while some of her contemporaries have become ridiculously successful through competing, Laura's arguably been just as successful by gong down the video route.

So we thought, why not celebrate her retirement by looking back through her career in film? She's left us quite the legacy...

Misschief films was one of the first all-female production companies, and even though this is just a trailer, it's clear how high the level of talent is from these girls! Laura's first video part was in As If, filmed when she was 19, and she kills it alongside the likes of Leanne Pelosi, Kelly Clarke and Torah Bright.

La La Land Teaser - Runway Films by X-TremeVideoMisschief Films went through a metamorphosis and became Runway Films, which carried on in the vein of making all-girl shred flicks, and Laura carried on for the ride.

Watch the full movie HERE and check out Laura going HUGE in the streets and in the pow, as well as pre-empting the skinny pants trend. Yeah, girl.

FULL PART: Desiree and Laura from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

In her first film with guys in it too, Laura smashes some powder while fellow Cooler girl crush, Desiree Melancon, takes to the street.

We're so sad that Peep Show is no more! To use Laura's words from her cover interview: 'Peep Show are kinda like, “Fuck you. We’ll swear, smoke and drink. We’re not trying to please your 13-year-old daughter, and if she can’t handle it tell her to get a different movie." It always annoyed me that other girl movies have censored that side of snowboarding. Why do boys get to be bad but we have to keep this good image for the 12-year-olds?'

Well said.

You can check out Peep Show's Vimeo to watch Wilder, their most recent film made in collaboration with Roxy, and their first self titled movie.

Laura was one of Capita's first female shredders, joining the team in 2009, and this part proves that she's still killing it in the streets and in the powder, seven years on from her first video part.

All most people really remember from Never Not is Haldor Helgasson doing a massive backflip between two buildings. But Laura was rad in it, too.

Here she is talking about her awesome winter in 2012 and how stoked she is to be riding for Nike (RIP).

FWT14 - Laura Hadar - Chamonix Mont Blanc by FreerideWorldTourTVLaura was a wild card in the 2014 Freeride World Tour and she placed 5th overall, go Laura! This clip of her run in Chamonix looks pretty gnarly...

Laura's exit edit, and quite possibly her best ever! Massive drops and technical lines cement her career as one of the most progressive and versatile female snowboarders ever.

We're secretly hoping that this isn't the last we see of Mama Hades, but we wish her the best of luck running her clothing shop, Fice, in Salt Lake City and with whatever adventures she has in the future.