Ah man, our love of avocados knows no bounds...

We have them on toast for breakfast, make hummus with them for lunch and bake them with eggs or put them in a pasta sauce after work.

Sick Of Buying Rotten Avocados? This Handy Life Hack Changes Everything...

We often wish there was only a way that we could start eating avocados as a dessert and sweet treat also.

Now it seems our wishes have been granted. Here are eight yummy sweet treats, compliments of our favourite little green superfood.


Looking at avocado ice cream, you actually kind of already know what it's going to taste like, don't you?

Trust us, it's super delicious.

All you need to make it is a couple of avocados, semi skimmed milk, lime, sugar and a bit of cream.

Find the full recipe here.

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You can either make these delicious cookies the vegan way, or with a bit of egg and butter.

Either way is delicious and doesn't require too much work.

Grab an avocado and some chocolate chips and follow this recipe here.


Either you love bubble tea or you think it's the weirdest drink to ever be invented.

We're big fans at Cooler, especially of this vegan avocado shake!

This is the easiest recipe ever. You'll need:

Pulp of 1 avocado

1/2 cup coconut milk

3 cups vanilla soy milk

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup black tapioca pearls

6 Ice cubes

Cook tapioca pearls in boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Drain, then cover with cold water so they don't stick together. Drain once again just before using.

Throw all the other ingredients into a blender, then mix in the cooked tapioca pearls.

Pour into glasses and enjoy!


I know what you're thinking - there's no way that this chocolate cake is made of avocados.

Well, you're wrong. It totally is.

Avocado chocolate buttercream is a vegan favourite as the avocado when mixed swith sugar and cocoa works exactly like regular butter.

If you haven't got quite so much of a love of chocolate, you can easily make a regular avocado buttercream (which tastes great with lime flavouring and makes your cakes bright green!

For this chocolatey recipe however, go right here.


These avocado ice lollies are best when make with another flavour.

Some of our favourites include berry and avocado and avocado and lime popsicles. But this summer, our freezer has been full of homemade pear and avocado lollies.

The sweet but mild flavour of the pear is incredible with the avocado and they make an awesome soft texture when mixed together.

Find out how to make your own here.


It's a fact widely known that everything is better when you mix it with tequila.

We pretty much consider margaritas as the eighth wonder of the world as it is, but add avocado?

It's now pretty close to knocking one of the big seven from their spot.

So how does a mango and avocado tequila cocktail sound to you? We thought so. Here's the recipe.


Avocado chocolate truffles are another vegan fail safe.

As well as being totally animal friendly, these truffles are also a lot better for you than the normal kind and are make of only five, natural ingredients.

These little sweets are becoming our go-to chocolate treat.

Here's an awesome recipe to make them with no hassle at all!


Delicious avocado treats to have at breakfast!

We discovered avocado pancakes in a restaurant and have been obsessed ever since.

These ones are made with avocados and bananas, with summer berries and yoghurt on top. Dreamy!

Find your recipe for tomorrow's breakfast right here.