Mash, fry, roast, triple cook, crinkle,’s the week of the potato.

We Brits love fish and chips and take pride in calling it a traditional British dish, no trip to the British seaside is quite complete without a greasy cone of hearty chips. It’s a tradition, isn’t it?

Walk along the beach, grab a spot to sit and unwrap the soggy newspaper full of warm potatoes. It’s the novelty of eating with a wooden fork, and the battle to fight of swooping seagulls that adds to the charm of it all. It really is the simple things in life that sometimes make the happiest.

So with national chip week (16th­-22nd February) taking us by storm, it got us thinking about the best seaside spots to enjoy a bag full of chips or two...


The Winking Prawn is an awesome café/restaurant at North Sands Beach in Salcombe, its perfect for an afternoon plate of fish and chips.

They have a great seating area overlooking the beach, and in the summer they do daily BBQs and of course buckets of prawns.

Kayaking the area is a perfect way to spend the day, you can stop off at the little beach bays, dodge the sailing competitions and snorkel in the clear waters.

Finish the day off watching the sun set at this chilled spot and don’t forget to get a picture as the’ll know what we mean when you visit.


The Hidden Hut is an unassuming beach­side shed, which offers one of the best outdoor dining experiences in Cornwall.

Porthcurnick beach is one of the most beautiful and picturesque spots on the South Coast of Cornwall, and great all year round.

Look out for their themed night feasts, which involve a long table full of food on the beach, watching the sun set and getting to know other diners. It’s run by a local couple Simon and Gemma Glass and offers great homemade snacks and meals.

If you don’t fancy a bowl of homemade chips, a warm Cornish pastie is recommended, when in Rome right? Don’t forget to save room for one of Maggie’s homemade sweet treats!

This place really comesalive in the summer months and you can see why.


Grab a bag of chips, or some homemade Welsh rare­bit to take away at Stackpole Quay Cafe and walk the 15 minutes to paradise; Barafundle Bay.

One of our favourite spots, the golden sand and clear blue waters make this beach a truly awesome day out.

The beach stays pretty secluded as there are no facilities and the walk tends to put a few people off, but that’s sort of its charm.

It’s only a half mile walk and totally worth it, once you’ve been you will be plotting your next visit straight away.

Highertown Bay

The Isle of Scilly is a magnificent and secluded haven in comparison to the more touristy spots of the British coast.

It’s almost like stepping back in time; a community that attempts to live as self ­sufficiently as possible, and hardly any people around. What more could you ask for...chips?

Head to Adam’s fish and chip shop/café which overlooks Highertown Bay, where the owner Adam personally catches and batters the fish that he sells. The potatoes are grown on the family farm and fertilised by local seaweed!

A great ethos and stunning location make this place a no brainer.


This one won't be the first choice for those who are a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold weather, but a trip to Whitby is worth the bracing temperatures, after all there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fresh air...

Friends who go here every year tell us that Quayside fish and chip shop is the ultimate place to divulge.

It has a pretty impressive reputation what with being crowned the UK’s best independent fish and chip shop!

Maybe the North isn’t so bad after all hey?

sweet pots

Of course, too many chips can make you feel like a sack of potatoes, so for a healthier version why not try these potato alternatives...

Courgette Frites, Sweet potato paprika wedges, parsnip crisps and polenta thick cut chips.

Crinkle, bake, fry and peel...get creative with your spuds and celebrate national chip week... you know you want to!