There are a lot of mamas who we could throw the term cool mum at these days, but Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana could quite possibly be the coolest mum of the bunch. We caught up with the multiple X Games medallist vert skater, Nitro Circus massiiiiive air getter and parent of a toddler to chat motherhood, radness and dealing with internet crazies

Hey Lyn-Z, how's it going?

It's going great. Just loving being a mom and continuing to skate on the Nitro Circus Live Tours.

You were recently at the X Games Austin, what's special about the event in your eyes?

X Games is kind of the holy grail of action sports. It's our Olympics in a way. It's the best of the best and the biggest venue! It's what young riders aspire to get to.

How is it different competing at X Games compared to say performing at something like Nitro Circus?

I think I put a bit more pressure on myself when competing rather than performing. There is no "winning" in a Nitro show exactly where as in a competition like X Games you focus on doing your best and doing what it takes to win. I still want to do my best and push the envelope of my skating at Nitro but if I fall I'm not quite as hard on myself.

[part title="on whether her daughter loves the shred"]

lyn-z adams hawkins pastrana

Your daughter Addy [the father, and Lyn-Z's husband is moto X wonder Travis Pastrana] seems like a super cute little girl, is she showing signs of loving the shred yet!?

She is awesome! She loves to go fast and go high! She also loves to watch me skate, for me to skate her on my board, or to just play with a skateboard so she for sure is showing interest thus far.

You're fully an ambassador for action sports mums (of which there seems to be more and more by the day!). How does that make you feel and do you have any advice for mums wanting to keep skating or snowboarding or surfing while they're pregnant or once they have kids?

A lot of people seem to think or act like their entire world has to now spin on the axis of their child and that their lives have to completely change but that's never the way I've looked at it. To me it's just another little buddy along for the ride. I bring Addy everywhere, she does everything with us, and I haven't let having a child hold me back from anything. You can be a great parent and continue your life almost exactly as it was before (in my opinion anyway). Parenting can be challenging and travelling with a child can be more tiring than before but it's worth it to have your sweet little buddy with you and continue what you love to do!

And what do you say to folk who say mums should stay out of the skate park!?

That's just dumb. They obviously don't have experience with a #skatemom ;)

[part title="on dealing with internet crazies"]


You're pretty active online, do you ever get negative comments from crazy people and if so how do you deal with that?

Absolutely, all the time. It can be tough to deal with but Travis helps me a lot. He always reminds me that those people don't know us and have no idea what they are talking about. It's just annoying to get people talking about our parenting style when they don't know us or see what goes on along with the photos and videos we may post.

Girls skate is booming over in Europe right no, and globally Nike have just signed Leticia Bufoni from Brazil, how do you feel about the scene right now?

I was so stoked when I found that out, not only is she a good friend, so rad, and an amazing skater, she is a great representation of women's skating. I see so many girls out there now, so many young girls coming up, it's so inspiring to see! Although it's sad to not have many places for them to go. When I was younger I would do 30 contest a year. There were so many amateur and pro events.

How can we get more girls skating vert?

First there has to be vert ramps, then there has to be vert skaters that are encouraging to others to get out there, and it would really help if there were actually women's vert contests. Girls get inspired when there is someplace to showcase their skating or something to strive to win.

[part title="on the raddest thing about parenthood"]

lyn z adams hawkins pastrana

Has having Addy changed the way you skate at all?

Not really, except that I don't get a chance to skate as much maybe because I'm busy with her but I still get to skate on tour and I love it!

What's the raddest thing about being a mum?

I have wanted to be a mum pretty much my whole life! Addy is such a cool little girl! She is just like Travis and I, never wants to sit still and is always up to go fast or fly high. The very best at this point is probably when we bring her to our bed in the morning and she climbs all over us and puts her tiny little arms around my neck while planting a wide open mouth slobbery kiss on my face haha.

Are there any other issues in girls skating that you'd like to talk about?

Mostly just that there are no contests and to me that’s sad because it really helps grow the sport.

Thanks Lyn-Z!

You can catch up more with Lyn-Z on her facebook and you can read all our past features on her HERE