Maverix ‘Just Chicks’ Snowboarding Clinic

What do you do when chasing the winter isn’t an option? Hit up a Freestyle ‘Just Chicks’ day with Maverix, that’s what….

Words by Lauren Lidford

I shred with guys. I go big and try to keep up. I crash hard but try harder. I have even been told I ride like a guy, so jumped at the chance of a ‘Just Chicks’ freestyle day with Maverix coached by Sian Davies.

Maverix ‘Just Chicks’ Snowboarding Clinic

After meeting Sian and the girls joining me on the day, I knew it was going to be a pretty sweet experience. For this one day, these girls were my new crew and we were all equally as psyched to be there, riding, having fun and leaving knowing we all learnt something and progressed but, more importantly, weren’t intimidated by the guys throwing themselves backwards over kickers and boardsliding their asses off! Our group was pretty small, there were three of us and totally supportive of each other's agenda for the day and being so few, we were able to attempt our tricks and get back up and hit it again before the adrenaline wore off and the tiredness kicked in. Allowing us to tick that trick off and try something new, which is exactly what we did!

Comfort zones and boundaries were most certainly being pushed by Sian and she wasn’t holding back. She established potential in each of us and encouraged us to constantly push our limits all the while offering us support, improvement tips and massive ‘YEAHS’ when we aced our methods, indy’s or boardslides. She was filming us all the time, which was awesome and motivating, as soon as we reached her our video analysis was ready and the improvements we had to make were fresh in our minds giving us that extra chance to get up and send it.

Maverix ‘Just Chicks’ Snowboarding Clinic

Seeing the girls get up and killing it on the kickers and boxes was so inspiring, seeing their passion, enthusiasm and determination made the day what it was, and made me just want to get up and revel in their glory! We were developing as riders and as a new girl crew and it was pretty dope!

I started the day as an ‘alright’ park rider and finished as a massively improved version of that alright girl, but the strength of the clinic was the time spent learning with girls and learning from each other. It was an immense day perfect for a bunch of friends or the girl who just wants to go meet and shred with other like-minded girls while having a total blast doing it.


Sunday, May 12th – The Snow Centre Hemel Hempsted

Saturday, July 13th – SnoZone Milton Keynes

Sunday, August 11th – SnoZone Castleford

Saturday, September 21st – The Snow Centre Hemel Hempsted


Email saying why you should win a free course. Competition closes on May 1st 2013. Be creative - who ever convinces Sian wins!! (Bribes are okay too).

Big thanks to Sputnik and Nikita for supporting us from the very start!