Hurley Campus 2

Every business knows the importance of providing a happy work environment for their employees.

However, all too often the highlight is the water cooler or the kettle and tea selection, and we’re not even talking herbal!

For those working in the action sports industry, there is the consistent distraction of an employee's mind wandering to the skatepark, up a mountain or into the sea.

So brands know they have to do more than just stock up the biscuit cupboard.

Here are some businesses that have taken that into account and provided some pretty rad offices for their employees…

Hurley Campus

Costa Mesa in sunny Orange County, California is a hub of skate and surf brands.

Element’s new office set to open there, Volcom’s HQ based in town, but it’s Hurley’s office with its explosion of colour and inspiration that won the mention.

Not only do they have the most awesomely bright break room, but an indoor skatepark to properly make use of those said breaks.

Walls are covered in creative Post-It notes and ideas, it definitely looks like it’s non-stop brainstorming at the Hurley office. We vote it vibrant!

Check out more amazing photos of the office on Hypebeast here.

Roxy Office

Who hasn’t dreamed of working for Roxy? Imagining that each day would start in the surf and your hair would remain salty until the evening.

‘Let the sea set you free’ the brand exclaims. Well, with surfboards lining the office walls and the beach just moments away, you’ve got the tools to take their advice on a daily basis.

On days away from the sea, you can take your work breaks at the office skatepark, where the DC team frequent.. Show Nyjah what you got!

Red Bull Office

You would imagine the energy drink’s offices had better be fun if they have to keep their team amused. Just take a look at what happened when skaters such as Ryan Sheckler hit up a Chicago 9 to 5.

Red Bull's London office used to have a slide into the meeting room until it moved to a new spot on Tooley Street near London Bridge.

Not to worry, they have other fun stuff now, including a ping pong table and their very own bar, which hosts parties, launches and events on a regular basis.

Not to mention, Red Bull Studios is based here (with musical talent popping by on a weekly basis to record). Sounds swish! There are more photos for you to peek at here.


Legendary snowboarder Barrett Christie keeps GNU Girls running from here and alongside her is the full Mervin crew, including Lib Tech, GNU and Roxy snowboards.

"We have multiple buildings for different steps of the board building process and they are full of craftsmen…" says Christie. "All snowboarders, skateboarders and surfers with jobs."

The factory is based in Carlsborg, Washington between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges, giving ample time for shredding (which is more than encouraged)

Check out when Whitelines went to visit them a couple years back!

Finisterre Office

We’d like to say the cold water is Finisterre’s office but technically they have something of the indoor variety too with their Cornwall-based workshop.

Tucked away in the tiny fishing village of St Agnes, the Finisterre workshop overlooks the roaring Atlantic, which is handy for a lunchtime surf. They're even next door to buddies, Surfers Against Sewage.

There are only 20 people working there, "housed in offices packed with surfboards at the ready and three office dogs". Sounds cosy!

Stance Socks

The seriously spot-on sock company was born and raised in San Clemente, an hour or so south of Los Angeles, where the sun always shines and the socks are nice and colourful.

Their new office sounds too good to be true, with an in-house chef providing breakfast and lunch, a basketball court, a gym, skate bowl, putting green and some desks (somewhere in amongst all the fun stuff).

Hypebeast made this rad little video tour - check it out here.


We hadn't heard much about this US creative agency before, but it’s their runnings in Atlanta that caught our eye.

The skatepark themed office may not have coping or be useable, as there’s lots of stuff in the way of all the features, but it still looks rad.

Don't you think it would be an inspirational place to get your thinking cap on? Or get thinking when you are going to skate next…

The Berrics

Yes it counts as an office, The Berrics is a business. It’s just that instead of needing desks with computers attached, they need rails with skaters attached.

Creating consistently awesome skateboard content is what they do, and their office reflects this.

It’s just one GIANT skate park with likely some sort of boring office bit somewhere attached, but we don’t care about that bit…

We hear rumours of more girl content in the future, but for now enjoy the Leticia Pocahontas edit made there last year.

Do you work in a cool office with rad amenities? Or is the highlight of your working environment the kettle? Let us know in the comment section below...