Surfing Couples Relationship 2 P Sarah Lee

You're paddling out back and your arms are already aching.

You've got snot coming out of your nose, your hair is in your eyes and you think you might not make it over the next set of waves.

You finally make it out back - puffing and panting - only to find your other half has been waiting there for ages and has already caught three waves.

There are so many times I've wanted to chuck my surfboard in the nearest skip and call it a day

"Maybe you should try paddling a bit harder," he says. You are so angry, you want to tip him off his surfboard and hurl seaweed in his face.

We've all been there. When your boyfriend is better at your sport - and you're trying your damn hardest to improve.

There are so many times I've wanted to chuck my surfboard in the nearest skip and call it a day.

Men, we've got a few words of advice that'll keep you from sleeping on the sofa this week...


You might think three to four foot swell is no biggie. However, if your partner is pretty new to surfing, this is pretty much like facing Teahupoo.

"But the waves aren't even that big" is the wrong thing to say after she's wiped out for the seventeenth time.

Encouragement is good - but don't give her a hard time if she wants to cruise around on the shoulder rather than competing for the best spot on the peak of the wave.

Surfing Couples Relationship 3

Your girlfriend might not be as strong at paddling as you. Who cares?

Don't be surprised if she tells you to f-off when you suggest "paddling harder".

If she's new to surfing, stay by her side when paddling out back for the first few times and give a bit of extra encouragement to get over those incoming waves.

If you ditch her in the whitewater and tell her you're "just going off to catch one wave", you might find yourself surfing solo from now on.

Surfing Couples Relationship Dropping In

No dropping in is a common rule in surfing - but it's a grey area when it comes to couples.

Is it OK to drop in on your other half? We say, probably not. Accidents happen, but it's better to just not drop in on anyone.

If your girlfriend is just starting out, then definitely steer clear.

On the same lines, no one likes to see their other half paddling for the same wave because they are pretty sure we're not going to make it.

Surfing Couples Relationship 4

She's catching green waves and paddling out back fine. Once she's got it, don't bombard her with tips.

Yes, you've got years of knowledge to impart and you just want us to surf well.

But "tips" sometimes just sound sound patronising. We don't want to be corrected on every move.

Surfing Couples Relationship 1

If she hasn't caught a single wave all session, don't paddle over and tell her about how many waves you've caught.

Bragging, gloating and showing off is not appreciated.

Yes, you're stoked and you want to share it with her. She might not be so stoked if she's really struggling - so don't rub it in.

shibori surfboard

Sometimes it's helpful to double up if you're both carrying 10ft longboards but 90 per cent of the time, she's fine carrying her own board.

We know you're just being kind - but we got it.

Just don't laugh at our weird carrying techniques. Women have short arms - we have to adapt.

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"Look, that woman is out back and she's not scared" is also not a good thing to say.

Comparing your girlfriend to other female surfers is a bad idea. Particularly as these surfers are almost always super hot and manage to pull off a wetsuit better than Alana Blanchard.

Holler when your woman catches a wave, otherwise better to keep schtum.

Surfing Couples Relationship Leash

Oh man, this one is so annoying for any surfer.

You've forgotten your leash, so you borrow hers and then forget to put it back in her board bag after you're done.

She gets to the beach - only to find her leash is stashed somewhere at home. Cue: angry voicemails on your phone.


We know you want to get in the water quickly - so do we - so don't hassle us.

Getting ready is way more of a faff when you have a bikini to put on, long hair to tie back, mascara to quickly wipe off.

If you want us to tuck the key into out wetsuit, then ease up, OK bro?