My Hero, a new regular, best read with Dave Grohl singing softly in your head is now in its third week. First up we had big wave surfer Keala Kennelly on why Shane Dorian inspires her so, then we had UK skate pioneer Jenna Selby on how Danny Wainwright's monster ollies changed her life but this week's entry has blown both of those out the water! Props to Oz surfer Laura Enever who made us laugh a lot with her hero nomination of Leonardo DiCaprio

"Ever since Titanic I have been completely obsessed with Leo. Something about him made my heart's wings flap. My obsession then continued on into The Beach. Now my favourite song on earth is the theme song from The Beach, which is Pure Shores by All Saints. Even though Leo is old and plays a toothless old guy in Django Unchained now, I will always look at him as the baby boy in Titanic. Dreamy…"
Laura Enever joins Billabong
Laura is sponsored by Billabong. You can watch the newly released first episode from Laura Enever's video series, I'm Laura, here and read Laura Enever's Pro Chat interview here