My hero, the feature that's best read with Dave Grohl singing softly in your head, has seen Laura Enever pick her crush, Rachel Atherton her brother, Keala Kennelly her surf hero and now one of our favourite UK snowboarders of all-time Aimee Fuller has chosen her Nan. It's cute, it's funny and it makes us miss our Nan (RIP Nonna, hope you're clearing up at the big backgammon table in the sky!) Over to Aimeeā€¦


"I've got to throw this one out to my Nan! Nanny Ot, she is probably one of the coolest Nan's out there, there are not many people you can call from the other side of the world to book you a hotel on the way to the airport, she is so clued in with what's down with the "kids" yet she isn't embarrassing.

Whenever I need someone to talk to or a place to go it's like my second home. She's fun, she's got skype, facebook and even used Whatsapp. She likes snowboarding, even though she skis and she reps the coolest one piece suit see photo!! She's supports what I live for. So she's my SUPER NANNY! :)"

Awww proper cute that. For more Aimee Fuller love head to her site and here's a picture of her upside down from our cover story back in 2011
Fuller Throttle-Aimee Fuller Cover Girl Interview-01