Earlier in the week we asked "What makes a girl write a slutty slogan on her body?" after seeing shots of bikini-clad girls with all manner of rude invitations scrawled over the bodies.

Here are some of the best responses starting with Pete who sums up the conflict that plays out in our heads every time we post these kind of articles. Are we making things worse by giving them air time or is it right to bring up these tricky and often multi-layered topics for discussion. We mostly err on the latter.


On facebook most of you thought it was attention seeking and kinda sad too:



While Christina suggested low self-esteem


Back on the site both Chris and Maria thought it was all about wanting their 5 minutes of fame:


Steve thought they were trying to be cool:


AnotherJess and Holly thought they were trying to express themselves but just going about it in the wrong way. AnotherJess also included my favourite line from the comments: "These girls should just get out in the water, the writing would soon wash off."


Stephanie pointed out the problems this kind of behaviour presents for us as sportswomen:


While Jess posts a great comment about remind girls that they're "intelligent, interesting, strong, courageous, and capable of anything"rather than encouraging them to focus on their looks:


And finally Jayke reminds us "nobody has the right to call them sluts or whores" while bemoaning, as we often do, the infiltration of lad culture into boardsports culture. While below Marissa worries that this is a precursor of worse things to come:


We really enjoy your comments so thanks for taking the time to post y'all.