We couldn't give a fook about the Royal Wedding but we do love a bit of bunting. Here's how to make your own without a Union Jack in sight…

By Kate Sutton


*White thread


*Sewing machine

*White cotton tape (2.5cm wide)

*A selection of fabrics

*Pencil and card


1. Make a template out of card based on the one to the left. Pin the template on to the fabric and cut around it. Cut out several more triangles in a variety of fabrics. The amount will depend on how long you need your bunting to be. For a metre of bunting you will need about 12 triangles.

It’s a great way of recycling your old clothes!

2. Take two of your triangles and place the right sides of the fabric together, pin in place.

3. Machine down each side using a straight stitch. Leave the top edge open so you can turn it the right way out.

4. Turn the triangles the right way out. You may need to use a pencil to poke the pointed end into shape.

5. Press all of the triangles with an iron so they are nice and flat.


7. Place one of your triangles on the tape and fold the tape over to catch the triangle between it. Pin in to position. Repeat until you have your desired length of bunting.

Leave a 5cm gap between each triangle. You can leave a bigger or smaller gap, either way they will look pretty!

8. Using a straight stitch, machine the triangles of fabric into place.

Hang your bunting in the garden, invite your friends over and see how got the best Royal skit on lock