Our good friends from Smile At Your Sister released the second edition of Secret Smile last month and here's the evening in words and images of the lovely Daniela Bily...

Words & photos by Daniela Bily

It has been a pleasure to celebrate the release of our goodie bags secret smile with all this amazing girls in one place.

The girls' skate session was just the opening of this marvellous evening at the adhoc pad in Vienna. The lecture by Jovana Reisigner and an acoustic concert by Kitzi were the highlights of this very lyrical event. and let's not forget the lovely exhibition with an animation by Julia Pott and awesome photos by Crista Leonard.

Secret Smile contains artworks and statements by Catherine Clark, Crista Leonard, Daniela Bily, Jovana Reisinger, Julia Pott, Kitzi, Laura Austin, Maria Ferres, Sarah-Lisa Rudolf, Sophie Morawetz, Tamara Prader, Vera Maria Brückner, Veronika Christine Dräxler and Element Eden Advocates Sarah Larnach, Courtney Brims and Kareena Zerefos. It's available at selected stores including Sixxa Store Vienna and our webshop: smileatyoursister.bigcartel.com