Skateparks are often referred to as the concrete jungle or the concrete beach, and sometimes they are literally in the jungle or by the beach. You can find skateparks everywhere on all sorts of terrain. Get your maps at the ready, here we give you seven cool spots where you'll find concrete to play on...


1) On The Beach

Venice Beach, California or Bondi Beach, Australia

Why it's cool? It's a skatepark on the beach. If you are an indecisive board rider you can take to the surf then skate or vice versa. Plus both are in hot spots, so the sea is on hand to cool you down.

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2) In The Desert

Palm Springs, California or Desert West Skateboard Plaza, Phoenix

Why it's cool? It's not cool, it's really really hot. But it's in the desert, so that's cool. Get it?



3) On An Island

Black Pearl, Cayman Islands

Why it's cool? It's one of the worlds largest skateparks, it's almost as big as an island.


4) In The Mountains

Mayrhofen, Austria or Redmond Skatepark, Oregon

Why it's cool? Surrounded by the fresh mountain air you will be on top form as you skate the park with an awesome backdrop. Cameras at the ready! Also these could be great spots for camping nearby.



5) By A River

Los Reyes, Chile or Pier 62, New York

Why it's cool? Hmm, you could arrive by kayak, you could take to the river to fish post skating? Ok, we're not sure why it's cool to be by a river, but we do know that both these parks are worth a visit!



6) Under A Bridge

Bay Sixty Six, London or Gardens Skatepark, Capetown, South Africa (newly opened)

Why it's cool? Being under a bridge means rain won't stop play. The brand new park in Capetown was helped made possible by the awesome people at the charity, Building Trust.


7) On The Street

No need to hunt far and wide for a skatepark, there's one under your feet the whole time, it's called the street. Get your board and push off to see where it takes you, maybe to one of these skateparks above!

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