It may be nearly summer, in the calendar rather than what you see out your window sense, but we've still got snow on our minds. Why? Cos we've always got snow on our minds. Women's snowboarding is progressing faster than Usain right now so we thought we'd treat you to a lil montage of our favourite tricks from last winter. Belt up

1 SINA CANDRIAN FRONTSIDE 1080 stomped at Laax , stylee to the max. The first ever off a kicker too don't you know?

2 AIMEE FULLER DOUBLE BACKFLIP at the Euro X Games 2013. The first of those bad boys ever landed in a slopestyle contest, TeamGB in the house!

3 ELENA HIGHT DOUBLE BACKSIDE ALLEY OOP RODEO at the Aspen X Games 2013. Also the first ever landed in a halfpipe contest. BOOM!

4 KELLY CLARK FRONTSIDE 1080 at the Aspen X Games 2013 the cherry on the top of an awesomely epic run.

5 KATIE ORMEROD DOUBLE BACKFLIP in Mayrhofen. Only the fifth girl ever to pull this trick and she's ONLY 15. Beat that world!

6 CHRISTY PRIOR DOUBLE WILDCAT Watch her wildcat, hear her ROAR !

7 KJERSTI BUAAS SHIFTY SWITCH BS 180 filmed at Sierra by Martin Rubio/Painted Visuals. Steezy steeze to the power of steeze!