Tinder, OK Cupid, Match.com... Everyone is using an app or a site to date today.

If you're someone who loves to spend their weekend hiking up the side of mountains or in the freezing Atlantic however, it's not so easy to find a good date.

17 Things You Only Know If You've Dated A Snowboarder

Someone who hates the idea of leaving their comfy bed and Netflix just isn't going to work, when your days off run on adrenaline!

After seeing Catherine Marston's dating app for snowboarders, we started wondering how many other adventurous dating sites exist out there. It turns out - a lot!

Here are eight of the best dating sites for the adventurously inclined...


The dating site Muddy Matches is just for people who love the outdoors and the countryside.

Sisters Lucy Reeves and Emma Royall dreamed up the idea for the site in a pub one night when considering the lack of dating prospect in the countryside where they grew up .

Now the site has thousands of members and lots of successful outdoorsy couples as a result of meeting there.

snowboarding tumblr

Tinder is popular not because of the dating, but because its super addictive, like a game.

US-based Catherine Marston has now invented Snowflake, much like Tinder but only for snowboarders.

Type your home mountain into the app, along with your ability level and terrain you usually ride.

The app will then match you up with fellow snow-riding companions nearby.

Let's hope Catherine starts creating more versions for all different types of boardsports.


Imagine finding someone who doesn't think you're nuts for getting up 6am to do your morning yoga before work.

If you want to find your perfect yogi match, then we might have the site for you.

Yoga Romance might have a cringeworthy name, but if you're looking for a buddy to downward dog with? It's the place to go.

Otherwise, it's a case of trying to make eyes across the room while in child's pose and no one looks good doing that.


We know what you're thinking, won't it all be guys?

Yes, a decade or so ago, maybe a dating site for skaters would have been depressingy male heavy.

Nowadays more and more female skaters are getting involved and we think it's definitely time for everyone to start hanging out together.

Whether you want a date you can take to your local bowl, or just a group of mates you can hang out and skate with on the weeknights, this site will provide.


Dating sites aren't restricted just to people with a specific sport in mind.

Are you a total adrenaline junkie who's never landed on one main hobby? Then this site is the one to look for your next date!

"If you're always looking for ways to get your heart beating and your blood pumping, you need to find a partner who feels the same way," says adrenaline junkies at Love To Date.

We whole heartedly agree!


The best thing about Surfers Date is that you don't need to be near the coast to find a fellow surfer to hang out with.

The site has just as many surfers based in London and other cities, as it does around the coast.

As well as the usual search funtion to seek out prospective dates, there's also a chat room to talk about anything surf related and organise meet ups.

A chance to chat surfing and have a pint? No landlocked surfer will pass up an opportunity like that.

Couple Hiking - Mt Buffalo

A long walk for your first date will either sound like a great idea, or your worst nightmare.

If it's the latter, this site is not the one for you. If you'd love to get to know someone during a hike however, look no further.

Date Active matches you up with hikers of the same level as you and allows you to chat and set up meet ups.

Long walk in the mountains followed by a pint in a pub at the end of the day? Doesn't sound too shabby!

Couple of friends scuba dive together

Divers say that you can't understand the peace and the amazing experience of diving somewhere amazing until you've done it yourself.

This explins why lots of diveres like to date other divers.

Scuba Passions (yes, another dodgy name) is a big database of divers from around the world.

Look for a date, look for a diving partner, look for a good chat in the pub, there will be someone there who's looking too!