Do you have a plan on how to do it?

I've put a petition together on this issue a couple of years back. Unfortunately girls are still not on. I hear the argument, that "girls are not good enough" a lot, which is total bullshit. First of all, the kicker at Air&Style and are quite small, much smaller than any X Games or European Open kicker, and we see more than 20 girls killing it at the X Games every year with 9s and switch 7s! With girls like Kimmy Fasani stomping doubles in the backcountry in the US and Aimee Fuller over here in Europe stomping backside rodeos with her hands in her pockets it’s becoming quite difficult to use that argument.

In the end the progression of the sport for both genders goes through the opportunities and the financial support you get for it. With no contests for women and no prize money as well as very small sponsorship deals for most girls etc, it is much more difficult to raise the level on the women side nowadays. And still women are killing it and it’s only the beginning!

We all live from marketing budgets (riders, events, magazines, videos etc) and if all the brands really put the same percentage of the women sales into the women side of the sport, and not into models etc, the level of women would explode!

Are you going to compete again this year?

I'm still waiting on that prize money announcement...

Which of the stops would you look forward to most?

Verbier offers the most exciting terrain for sure, and King of the Hill is a fun comp in Alaska I'd like to go back to… I also really like the No Board World Championship in British Columbia.

What else do you have planned for this winter?

My favorite thing in snowboarding is filming in the backcountry, that’s the only place I can ride and really push my limits. That’s what I want to do...and probably get a bit more of my newly added freeride skills in there.

Thanks loads for the insights Anne-Flore, very interesting!

You're welcome! I'd like to thank my sponsors who support me a 100% in this battle and without whom I wouldn’t have been able to follow this non earning Freeride World Tour and become a World champ: Billabong, Swatch, Oakley, Neff, Etnies, 32, Dakine, TSG, Blue Tomato and Les Ettes.