Snow Lovers Xmas Gifts

Every year, the holiday season is approaching quicker than we can anticipate with all the busyness of the first snow, new gear and watching all the snowboard movies out there. So better start collecting the gifts and presents for your loved ones as early as you can - and in case there are some snow lovers among them, we got some ideas...

1. AIRBLASTER Ninja Suit 2. BLISS BY LEVEL Light Glove 3. ANIMAL Yepa 3 Pack Riding Socks 4. DAKINE Womens Mission 25L 5. BILLABONG Vanessa T-Shirt 6. EVOC Snow Gear Roller 7. COAL The Rosa

8. BURTON Women's Pipe Glove 9. GOPRO Chest Harness Mount 10. + 13. VOLCOM Elena Hight Capsule Collection Accessories 11. MIZU M6 bottle 12. TSG Crash Pant Carna Women

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