Camping gives you the freedom of the big wide world, as you are only limited by your own two feet, your tent (and trespassing laws).

There’s nothing more free-ing than sleeping out under the stars with only nature to call company and the ground as your mattress.

All you have to think about is where to pitch your tent and that can be in the most amazing of settings!

Here are some top tips for getting wild…


Making sure you have all you need for your adventure will make things much more enjoyable overall.

If your camping somewhere cool or unpredictable, lots of layers like this Finisterre Agulhas Windshell will come in handy.

Not to forget the Poler Napsack, which takes you from daydreaming to sleeping without having to leave its warmth.

It’s good to be prepared for all weather conditions, so you can enjoy it no matter what.

If the weather is good, invest in a water cooler, bring BBQ stuff (you’ll be jealous you didn’t) and plan ahead for breakfast. Sorted…oh wait, don’t forget your tent!


Whether you are camping in an official campsite or doing things a little wilder, it’s always worth looking around to see if the grass is greener.

A little hike with some heavy equipment is worth it to get a peaceful pitch and a spot that’s a little wilder.


First off, lights attract bugs, so make sure not to have your tent door open with a giant torch on.

But aside from that, turn off artificial lights to let your eyes adjust to the dark, they’ll do better than you think and you’ll be able to see a million stars in no time.

Look longer for some shooting stars…

Camping 3

We love the blog, Chambres Avec Vues, which shares peoples amazing views from tents and hammocks around the world, so make sure to pitch your tent the way that opens to awesomeness for a perfect morning feet snap.


Aside from it making a handy torch, put your phone in airline mode, you won’t need it.

If you’ve gone wild enough, there won’t be any reception anyway, but if your still local, turn it off so you can imagine your a million miles away (p.s. worth having one with you in case of emergencies).

It’s a great opportunity to have digital down time and remember what the real world feels like. Now go hug some trees…

We went on an epic camping adventure in California this past month, sleeping by lakes and in the desert.

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