Last weekend, the Nike 6.0 Night Surf went down at Fistral Beach in the UK, with Australia’s Amy Stewart taking the win for the women and Russell Winter the Open, Ben Skinner the Longboard and Luis Eyre the Junior Pro titles.

All the winners showed stunning form throughout the day and into the floodlight Saturday night. With conditions dropping off throughout the day riders were challenged to pull out all the stops at the critical moment with the spoils going to those that demonstrated both skill and competition experience.


All Results


1. Liam Murray-Strout

2. Cieran Huges

3. Gabriel Ley

4. Sonny Timson

U16 Girls

1. Lucy Campbell

2. Emilie Currie

3. Flora Lawton

4. Georgia Timson

U16 Boys

1. Will Davey

2. Taz Knight

3. Harry De Roth

4. Rhys Barfield

Pro Jnr

1. Luis Eyre

2. Luke Dillon

3. George Picking

4. Alex Baker


1. Ben Skinner

2. Ben Haworth

3. Angus Murray

4. Adam Griffiths


1. Amy Stewart

2. Hannah Harding

3. Beth Mason

4. Gwen Spurlock


1. Russell Winter

2. Gordon Fontaine

3. Richard Sills

4. Oli Adams