Roxy 'Banana Smoothie' - Top

All Mnt – Int/Adv – True Twin – Combined: Reverse between the Feet

You could almost say the Roxy 'Banana' Smoothie rides by itself. The EC2 technology is so forgiving you practically can't go wrong no matter what you do – which is a very attractive trait for beginners. Unfortunately this can easily rub off on your technique and spoil your precision. But then it reacts really quickly and got nice pop, which makes up for the smudging in fun. And if you enjoy riding this baby in powder, even better! As it's also the base for the first ever Roxy splitboard, the 'Banana Smoothie Split', allowing you to master any heights and reach all peaks without panting like a granny on speed, or maybe there's no cure against that anyways...

€ 469.95 / £ 431.99


Tested by Miri: 169 cm – 54 kg – 14 years riding

Roxy 'Banana Smoothie' - Base