Adventures are all about being free, so it sometimes feels like a cruel irony that we can't afford to go on them.

Here at Cooler, we don't let a little thing like end of the month bank statements get in the way of a weekend in the wild.

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Even if you can't afford a traditional weekend away, you can always afford an adventure!

Here is the definitive guide to having a rad couple of days off when you're seriously broke...


Any broke girl worth her salt knows the benefits of travelling on a coach, but did you know that there are ways to make those journeys even cheaper?

If you book with National Express, it's time to save their 'funfares' page to your browser.

These journeys are advance, non transferrable and non refundable, therefore, super cheap! We just booked a journey down to North Devon for our next surf adventure for £9!

If you're a more of a Megabus lady, there's sneakier ways to travel cheap still.

It's a little known but pretty logical fact that it's more expensive to run a half empty coach than a full one.

If you don't mind hanging around the station (or don't care where you go) you can fill any spare seat at the last minute for a fiver. Shhh!


Yes, Airbnb is pretty cheap, so is Travelodge and other budget hotels.

You know what is super cheap and a lot more fun? Camping.

Most campsite will charge between £5 to £15 per night for a pitch. That means a four-person tent could cost as little as £1.25 a night!!!

As well as being less than a cup of coffee, we can promise you that staying in a beautiful valley is much better than a grotty hotel room.


When we go away for the weekend, the main expense always ends up being food and drink.

No matter how frugal you try to be, when you're eating out, the pounds will always rack up.

Instead of buying your nosh when you're there, make your meals before you go and pop them in your bag.

Sure, it might not be as nice going to a pub at the end of an active day and tucking into a big meal and a pint, but needs must when you're skint.


What's the connection between going surfing, climbing, rafting and snowboarding?

They all require expensive equipment. If you don't already own it, you have to rent it.

We've learned the hard way that renting out equipment for a couple of days can make a cheap adventure a pretty pricey one.

How do you get around it? Choose a sport that's truly free.

Whether it be hiking, wild swimming or trail running, there are plenty of adventures out there that don't require you to part with your cash.

Go natural and hit the moutains!


Alastair Humphreys' microaventures are the perfect way to get out of the city without spending any money.

Humphreys urges people to grab a tent, some mates and wander out into the countryside to camp wherever you fancy.

We love the idea of going wild for a few days without any real plan in place.

We talked to Humphries about how to go on a microadventure and the best way to not get caught when you're camping wild!


Although it's been around for a good amount of time, lift sharing is still an option forgotten by many weekend warriors.

Want to head to Cornwall for the weekend but can't afford the travel?

Check out the site, there's bound to be a fellow surfer heading down and looking for a bit of help with their petrol money.

Lift sharing is especially helpful if you want to get to events, many festival sites now set up a direct link to lift sharing options.


One of the most fun and cheapest ways to travel, cycling doesn't just have to be the transport, but can also end up being the adventure itself.

Strap a bag onto your back and find the greenest trail around and go on your own biking adventure.

We recently did just this, biking out 'til Saturday night before camping and heading back the next day.

You'll finish the weekend feeling refreshed and healthy, with some stories to tell and no less dollar in your bank account!


Want to meet up with a mate who lives across the country but keep putting it off because neither of you can afford the train fare?

If you're both up for an adventure, why not make a mission to meet in the middle without using public transport?

Find a cool spot in the middle and make a plan to cycle, hike, and whatever else you fancy doing to meet there.

Not only does this feel like a real legitimate adventure, you'll have the most fun on Saturday night exchanging stories of how you got to each other!