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Well that was one fun filled winter! We've seen riding from all sorts of girl snowboarders out there thanks to the Olympics, the X Games, video parts and contests. And we thought last season saw some sweet tricks! Making the most of all the snow out there this time round, here's a run down of the top 8 girls snowboard tricks from the snowy season past...

[part title="Jamie Anderson, cab 720 tail grab to take the first ever Olympic slopestyle Gold!"]

Smiley favourite to take the top spot, Jamie Anderson did not disappoint at the Olympics, throwing a switch back 5, front 7 and that cab 7 tail grab, all with a load of style. It's all about the grabs to grab you gold..


[part title="Silje Norendal, Todeo to take Gold at the X Games"]

A frontside rodeo, a.k.a. a todeo, was beautifully thrown down by Silje at the X Games this year. Paired with the rest of her run, it won her the Gold medal, beating Jamie Anderson in the process.


[part title="Torah Bright, McTwist in the Olympic Halfpipe"]

Despite only claiming Silver in the pipe, her McTwist on the first hit was pure Gold.


[part title="14 year old Chloe Kim, smoothest 900 in the pipe"]

At the X Games in Aspen this year, 14 year old Kim came close to taking down reigning super champ Kelly Clark. Her run was good enough to get silver though, with a sweet 900 on her second hit, followed by a McTwist, a double grab...

[part title="Desiree Melancon, gap to front board in Think Thank"]

[part title="Karly Shorr, Japan in Russia"]

Simple but effective, this move did not go unnoticed in the Olympic finals when Karly added a Japan grab in with a back 3.


[part title="Aimee Fuller, cab double nine."]

Last month whilst in Aspen with Red Bull, big haired Brit Aimee Fuller added a second double to her repertoire in the form of a nine.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.19.08

[part title="Kelly Clark, 14 feet, 11 inches soar."]

8) Kelly Clark, 14 feet, 11 inches soar.

To set an X Games amplitude record for the ladies this season and got her 4th gold in a row.

[part title="Katie Ormerod, backside double cork 1080."]


Last season she landed a double backflip and now this…the first ever female to land a back double cork 1080. What what what?! She is certainly living up to the tag of being 'one to watch'.

We now have video footage, so cool (though it did also make us a little teary!)

[part title="And last but not least, all the tricks you guys threw for our video contest, A Brit Weird..."]

By shredders as young as 3 years old, we saw all sorts of tricks in the edits for A Brit Weird. With riders such as Katie Blundell, Alice Blake, Alise Balode, Ayla Thidling and showing us what they got… still worth checking out all the edits here.


Did we miss any key moments you'd like to see in this list? Let us know and we'll add. It was a winter packed full of progression by the ladies! We can't wait to see what next season brings.