Surfing Themed Cakes

If you're anything like us and strangely gripped by the BBC programme The Great British Bake Off, then you will be totally into cake right now.

Who knew watching people pipe icing under time pressure could be so enthralling?

6 Things You Definitely Need To Know About Surfing Green Waves For First Time

We're not the sorts to generally fawn over fancy cakes - but these are seriously cool spongey creations made for surfers.

They'd even make Paul Hollywood proud....

Surfing Cake 14 Moon Light

The most amazing watery themed ocean cake of all time? Probably.

Surfing Cake 5 Mother And Me Creative Cakes

Shame it's a dude on top of the cake - but otherwise how sick is this cakey creation is pretty awesome. Just look at those waves....

Surfing Cake 13

Now that's a cool idea for a surf-themed wedding cake...

Surfing Cake 6

Dyed sponges to match the tones of the ocean.... Clever.

Surfing Cake 11

As a general rule, cakes can never be tacky - especially when they are decorated with a hammock and Tiki bar made out of icing!

Surfing Cake 7 Shark Amanda Robinson

Shark cupcakes... Genius.

Surfing Cake 11

If you want something a little more subtle...

Surfing Cakes 3 Shark

It's not technically a cake, but we couldn't help include this nutty shark watermelon creation!

Surfing Cake 12

I'm well jealous of Rachel right now.

Surfing Cake 3 Bella Cupcakes

Tiki shack, palm tree, and even fake sand... What more could you ask for from a cake?

Surfing Cake 1 Pinterest

Holy moly, the amount of time that would have gone into creating this masterpiece...

Surfing Cake 7 P Mavin Kurve

We're not sure who Mavin is, but she's created one spectacular cakey masterpiece. Mary Berry would be proud.

Surfing Cake 8

If I were 12, this would be my dream cake. Scrap that, it's my dream cake now!

Surfing Cake 9 Pinterest

Hawaii's answer to the perfect cake..... Wait, is that Homer Simpson in the bottom corner?!

Surfing Cake 10 Pinterest

So impressive.