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The weekend before last it was Rogue Skateboards' annual Girl Skate Jam UK and this year it was bigger and better than ever! We went along to get involved with some skating and creating. Check out what went down.

Words and photos by Hannah Bailey

TDHF x Cooler- Skate Jam 2

Skaters from all over Europe made the trip to Pioneer in St Albans, including Austrian Julia Bruckler and Maria Sweet from France. Plus not only attracting the overseas folk, it was a great turnout from UK pro's, participators and spectators; with Brit skaters such as Lucy Adams, Stef Nurding and Emma Richardson all there to compete.

The comp kicked off with a jam session, where all were invited to get on board, followed by the indoor park portion and finishing with the sunny mini ramp session.

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TDHF x Cooler- Skate Jam 12

Not only on board, but on the spectator side there was all sorts going on this year! Nikita put on the best BBQ ever and Neon Stash was there to Tie Dye High Five a load of Cooler canvas bags. See how here.

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TDHF x Cooler- Skate Jam 9

The perfect summer skate day. Big thanks to Jenna Selby and Rogue Skateboards for putting on the event each year. Great for skate!

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TDHF x Cooler- Skate Jam 4

Here are the results:


1st - Julia Bruckler

2nd - Lucy Adams

3rd - Emma Richardson

Over 18

1st - Claire Alleaume

2nd - Camilla Mullins

3rd - Fran Stroud

Under 18

1st - Aimy Brady

2nd - Caitlin Mawhood

3rd - Charlotte Thatcher


1st - Julia Brueckler

2nd - Lucy Adams

3rd -Aimy Brady

TDHF x Cooler- Skate Jam 13