Laura Austin Instagram

When you're stuck inside because it's raining or you've got to work, there's once place I always retreat to: Instagram.

As social media goes, Instagram is full of inspiration for those looking for adventure.

Who doesn't want to escape to a world full of perfect peeling waves, epic alpine sunsets, palm trees and beach BBQs?

We've put together nine female adventurers that you should follow on Instagram (if you don't already)...

Lady Slider Instagram

Lady Slider is a blogger/photographer/general creative, living the Hawaiian dream.

Her Instagram is one of our absolute favourites. Think surfing all day, eating watermelon in the sunshine and yoga stretches on the beach.

We actually spoke to Lady Slider in the final Cooler issue.

Follow Lady Slider here

Erin Kunkel Instagram

Professionally, Erin takes photos for adverts and magazine so it's no wonder her Instagram is overflowing with feasts, cliff top sunsets, waves, palm trees and other adventures from across the USA.

We're a big fan of her foodie shots and those epic American landscapes.

Follow Erin here

Chelsea Munro Instagram

She's a New Zealand based photographer and adventurer, taking photos of surfing and her outdoor adventures.

Whether it's street food in Vietnam or a solitary surfer in the cold Pacific, she has a knack of capturing a world we really want to live in.

Follow Chelsea here

Rachel Moore Instagram

Models aren't just waifs with moody faces. Rachel Moore is the best kind of model.She's a climber, divemaster, yacht-owner and general adventurer.

She works with some of our favourite brands, including Reef, Roxy and Patagonia.

Follow Rachel here

Alana Paterson Instagram

Like camping, surfing and treehouses? Then you should probably follow Alana Paterson on Instagram.

The Canadian photographer lives in British Columbia, Canada - and works with Herschel Backpacks, Poler Stuff, WESC to name a few.

Follow Alana here

Meg Haywood Sullivan Instagram

Model and photographer Meg Haywood Sullivan travels the world with her partner Charles Post, taking some beautiful photos of the American wilderness.

She's definitely one of our favourite Instagrammers.

Follow Meg here

Adrienne Pitts Instagram

Another travel/lifestyle photographer, Adrienne has an insanely huge Instagram following for a good reason.

She doesn't just take outdoors shots either, they could of anything from London street art to surfers in New Zealand.

Follow Adrienne here

Sophie Hellyer Instagram

Sophie Hellyer is a British pro surfer with a stonkingly good Instagram.

There are a lot of puppies and waves, if you're into that kind of thing. Let's be honest, who isn't?

Follow Sophie here

Laura Austin Instagram

Laura Austin writes, takes photos and gets paid to travel the United States of America. Are we jealous? Errrr... Yes.

Snow-capped mountains, red rock canyons and a really rad pair of boots all feature.

Follow Laura here