We all need a bit more Zen in our lives. If you fancy seven uninterrupted days of chill-out time, the new Zen week in La Plagne could be right up your street.

Set in the charming traditional village of Montchavin-Les Coches, the Zen week is designed to help you achieve total well-being and relaxation. With massages, Tai Ji Quan, ‘Do-In’, along with aqua aerobics, singing and creative arts, can you think of a better place to be from 21-25 July?

You can enjoy daily relaxing self-help massage therapy, combining the principles of Shiatsu and Acupressure with stretches, exercises, breathing and meditation techniques. It's a traditional preventative treatment used by the Chinese to maintain health, boost the immune system and even slow the ageing process!

You will also be integrated into rustic village life by feeding the sheep, goats and ewes and tasting the local produce. A proper rustic week in the mountains - aah, we can almost smell the fresh air! If your budget won't quite stretched to a blissed-out week in La Plagne, here are some nifty yoga moves to try out in the comfort of your own lounge.