How To Travel Around The World

You know those people who seem to be constantly off in exotic countries and having adventures?

We always sit here thinking, how do they afford it? How do they have the time?

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Instead of wondering any longer, we tracked down one of these mysterious travellers and asked them what it takes to travel around the world for an entire year.

Kate Moxon travelled around the world a couple of years ago, going through Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Japan and China on the way.

We got her to tell us all her travelling secrets - and how she made the trip of her dreams happen...

Savings Jar

"It's not actually as expensive as you think it is," says Kate.

"The most common things people say is, 'Oh god, you're so lucky to have this lifestyle. How do you afford to do it?' There's this common misconception that travel has to be really expensive."

"In reality, it doesn't have to be. You can just go to really cheap countries and live on £10 a day."

How did you manage to save up the money beforehand?

"To afford it, I had to make travel a priority. I'm not lucky, I've just worked a whole lot and I've chosen what I want to spend my money on."

"Some people chose to spend their money on Starbucks coffee or new shoes. To travel, you learn to not spend the money on the stupid shit you don't need for a bit."

Traveler woman waves her hand to airplane

Let's not beat around the bush, flights are going to be expensive, no matter how you choose to book.

But is there a cheaper or easier way to do it?

"Yes, your flight tickets are the expensive bit," says Kate. "Personally, I bought them as a bulk at the start, because I was going away for so long."

"I wanted some kind of structure and I also thought that it would be cheaper, which it probably was. I got eight or nine flights for about two grand."

"A lot of people do buy flights as they go along though, to keep their plans open. It depends on what type of traveller you are."

Cocktails Beach Bar

"I would say the majority of people I met were doing bits of work, but again, it's dependant on where you go.

If you want to work, you need plan beforehand as work visas need to be applied for while outside of the country."

Kate didn't work during the time she was away, relying instead on her savings. However many people do.

"In Australia, everyone works pretty much because it's so expensive and because the wages are so high. People do six months working in a bar, which can fund months and months of travelling."

In other places I went it, however, was more common to see people just doing trips. I guess the countries where there's less English spoken, there's less chance of going there to work."

Travel woman hitchhiking

So, the numbers, how much does it really cost?

"I spent £10,000 in 7 months, but I spent a lot of time in the really expensive places like Australia and New Zealand."

"In Australia I spent three grand over two months and obviously that's a lot."

"When I was in Thailand, Malaysia and South Africa however, I spent around £700 a month and could have spend less. It does depend largely on where you go."

Travelling Rucksack

This is the question all non-travellers want to ask people away for a year. What about clothes? Can you really fit them all in one backpack?

"Oh it's a skill," says Kate. "You just have to travel really light!"

"It helps if you're going to hot countries, because then it's lighter stuff. You have to prepare to get really sick of your wardrobe because you will be wearing the same things all the time."

"Of course, you can always pack barely anything and make it all things that you don't care about throwing away. Then after a few months go to a market somewhere and buy a whole wardrobe for about five pounds and change it all over."

"Most importantly, roll everything! Don't fold, that's how everything fits in the backpack, that's the secret."


Travelling with a big of mates, sounds amazing right? According to Kate, not so much...

"I would never travel as a group, I'd rather stab myself in the eye," she says. "I would potentially go by myself and I think one other person would be my maximum."

"It's just too many people to cope with, it's too much compromise. I really liked being able to just go and do what I wanted.

If I was a bit knackered, I could have a down day without feeling guilty that I was stopping someone else from doing something."

"I think if you go in a big group, there's just too many people that you have to please and you just waste too much time."