Instagram Trick Adventure 11

You know those people on Instagram who just look like they are having the best adventures all the time?

One minute, their hiking in Nepal. The next they are diving with whale sharks in the Maldives. Man, they have awesome lives.

The Broke Girls’ Guide To Weekend Adventures

But the good news is - you can be one of those smug, hashtag happy adventurers too.

We've got the lowdown on the best way to turn your dull Instagram feed into an globe trotting adventurer's dream - without leaving the country...

Instagram Trick 1

First things first, you need to have a mammoth following. A mere 500 followers simply will not do.

If you want your friends to think you are an Instagram megaboss, you need to have the letter 'K' next to your number of followers.

Only then can you truly rise to the heights of Instagram adventuress stardom.

Instagram Trick 2

Everyone know adventurers nowadays aren't so crass that they would look at the camera when someone is taking a photo of them.

Oh no, you need to be looking wistfully out to sea - or staring up at the mountains with a Herschel backpack on and artfully arranged 'camping outfit'.

Instagram Trick Adventure Hashtags 2

The most influential adventurers on Instagram have their own hashtag.

#AlpineBabes and #MountainWomen is already taken unfortunately. You're going to have to think harder than that.

It's got to be memorable, empowering and slightly cheesy.

Speaking of hashtags, you need to hashtag the shit out of every photo you take. Start with the following: #hipstercampers #wedontreallyhikewejustpretend #fivestarhotelsalltheway

Instagram Trick Adventure 4

Life must look perfect. You've got to be hiking, surfing, climbing or snowboarding all the time - and documenting it along the way.

Well, at least look like that's what you're doing every day.

Remember that trip you took to New Zealand three years ago? Just pull a photo back up, whack a different filter on it and BAM! You've got your adventure shot for the day.

After all, it's imperative that people think you are constantly on the move.

Instagram Trick Adventure 6

You thought everyone was still using iPhones to take their Instagram shots? Think again, girl.

Everyone and their dog has a digital SLR camera nowadays. It's all about taking semi-professional shots and uploading them to your Instagram.

How else do you think adventurers get that rosy sheen and photoshoot worthy snaps of themselves?

Instagram Trick Adventure 7

... Followed by a mysterious array of emojis alluding to your next destination.

After all, everyone know a pineapple followed by a poop, a cloud and a dancing woman means you're off to Alaska.

Instagram Trick Adventure 8

Got nothing to post today?

Just nick an inspirational quote of the internet and fill the caption with musings about life, nature, the universe and how at one you feel with everything when you go camping.

People love that shit.

Instagram Trick Adventure 9

Just because you're as broke as a woman can be - doesn't mean you can't pretend to be somewhere exotic.

Take a photo of your Asda smoothie and tag it 'Smoothie Mania, Los Angeles'.

Gorgeous day on a beach in Cornwall? Buy a coconut from Tesco, pop in a straw and take a picture of it next to the turquoises seas. Who's to know you aren't actually in Tahiti?

Instagram Trick Adventure 10

You can't be an Instagram adventurer without regarding yourself as a naturalist.

Make sure you put informative captions about exotic birds, tree species and long-winded descriptions of 'the glorious sunlight dancing off the forest floor'.

Instagram Trick Adventure 5

Finally, you must travel in some alternative form of transport - whether it's a motorbike side car or a beat-up old campervan.

Van pictures are obligatory, as are shots of you cooking dinner over a camp stove (no one needs to know it was totally inedible) and your tent glowing in the darkness (luckily camera resolution can't pick up on the mozzies swarming it).