design-milk.comtreehouse-built-around-oak-tree. german 11m high baumraum, P MARKUS BOLLEN

Have you ever spent waay too many hours scrolling through pictures of amazing remote cabins online? Us too.

When we first discovered the blog Cabin Porn, we literally couldn't tear ourselves away. It's page after page of log cabins in snow-covered mountains to pebbled Hobbit homes in the Scottish highlands.

We've put together a selection of the most stunning cabins from across the world - including a couple from our favourite cabin-related blog.

Ready to procrastinate to a whole new level? Dig in...

Would you believe this tiny micro cabin was built entirely from scratch by this pair?

Tim Eddy and Hannah Fuller bought twenty acres of land and carefully constructed this compact home for themselves. It's got It's completely off-the-grid with oil lanterns and an outdoor "freezer" otherwise known as snow.

Read more about it on Apartment Therapy.

20 bed, 1891, mt skala tower, 1843m peak, rest for athletes after skala up race toughest uphill worldP Norwegian Trekking Society

This 20-bed tower was built in 1891 on the top of the 1,843 peak of Mount Skåla in Norway.

It's a resting point for the runner who compete in Skåla Up, the toughest uphill race in Europe.

You can stay in it for a night with the Trekking Association. More info here.

Alistair Humphreys outside London, UK

He spent four years travelling around the world on a bicycle. He came back to the UK and pioneered 'microadventures'. Now he's been named National Geographic Explorer of the Year.

Of course Alistair Humphreys is going to have a nice cabin. Here it is nestled in the back garden of his home outside London in the UK.

Read more about Alistair's adventure here.

cabin porn france

Ever dreamt of having your own Hobbit house? Whomever made this mysterious wooden cabin clearly did - and made it a reality.

It was spotted by Oliver Duval in the town of Plounéour-Ménez in Northern France and submitted to Cabin Porn. We'd love to know the story behind it.


It might be a beach hut - but this is a bit more than your ordinary ramshackle lilo-storage unit on the beach.

Introducing The Edge, a tiny cabin built by architect Bob Woffenden, on the edge of a cliff in Cornwall, overlooking the Atlantic.

It's tiny - but miraculously it fits a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room into 30m2

Fancy staying? You can rent it from Unique Home Stays here.

Chalet near Sautens, Austria. Contributed by Christian Rühlmann. Cabin porn

This rustic marvel is tucked away in the beautiful Oetztal valley in Austria. In winter, it's completely surrounded by snowy peaks and white trees. Sounds pretty idyllic.

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of and built by Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Home this transforming micro A-frame cost only $1,200

This A-frame masterpiece was created by Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Home for Derek Diedricksen. It's called The Dart and it only cost $1,200 to build. Amazing, no?

Watch the video about it here.

design-milk.comtreehouse-built-around-oak-tree. german 11m high baumraum, P MARKUS BOLLEN

This cabin is perched high up in the trees, 11m high to be precise. It was designed by architects Baumraum and is rooted to a mighty oak tree.

Inside, the interior is all made of wood with a bed looking out to the sky and a roof terrace.

They call it a shack, but this is probably the best designed shack in the world.

It was designed by Broadhurst Architects as a weekend home for a family from Washington D.C.

It has no electricity - just gas lamps - and there's an outdoor shower that works from collected rainwater. It doesn't get more back-to-basic than that.

Check out more photos of it here.

Green cabin in Tongass National Forest, Alaska. Submitted by Joseph Coniff. Cabin Porn

Another gem from the bottomless hole of glorious structures that is Cabin Porn.

This green cabin was spotted in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska by Joseph Coniff. An ideal place to escape from the rest of the world.

hobbit-house perthshire scotland

This luxury cabin in the Scottish Highlands is within walking distance of a loch. It's got a front porch, a log burning fire inside... What more could you want?

You can rent it with Home Away here.


When Joel Allen was left unemployed, he ended up taking up carpentry and built this rad little cabin in the trees.

Everything inside the cabin is beautifully crafted out of wood. There are beds, desk space with a view of the forest and an outdoor eating area, plus skylights to pop your head out in the morning.

Check out more photos and Joel's full story here.

Now this is a unique idea for a hotel. Build six individual tiny houses - each of which are on wheels - and invited guests to come and stay.

Every house is creatively designed and includes a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping loft. This one -the Skyline - is one of the newest, you can take a look inside with the 360 degree viewing tool here.

Itching to stay? It costs $125 per night and you can book here.

Tennessee Mountain Cabin in Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado. Photography by Josh Deiss of Topo Design P cabin porn

Ah Colorado, USA. The home of craft beer, mountains, and lots and lots of snow.

We came across this amazing cabin on Cabin Porn, located in the Roosevelt National Park. As one reader puts it, there is something seriously cosy about a cabin with icicles hanging off the roof. We couldn't agree more.


This is summer camp for adults in the middle of the Wisconsin wilderness. No, really.

Camp Wandawega used to be a 1920's summer camp for boys. Now it's been converted into a proper rustic-style camp for guests to stay.

When I say rustic, I mean really rustic. They even recommend you take this questionnaire before arriving, to see if you can handle toads in the shower and an 80-year-old squeaky bed frame.

Sadly, you can't stay in this treehouse (it's for chilling in only), but the log cabins near the lake look so great.

vega cottage norway

This cottage designed by Kolman Boye Architects is located on the lonely Norwegian archipelago of Vega.

The idea is that the cottage blends in with the rocky, mountainous landscape. It's made of linseed oil painted pine to keep in with the hand-built look.

Take a look at more photos here.

Vega Cottage by Kolman Boye Architects references weathered Norwegian boathouses